LSD Exclusive: Hard Ton ft. Snuff Crew – Shine By Night (Perseus Traxx Remix)

Make Up: Gaia Brigida Pic: Luciano Paselli Costume: Lyall Hakaraia

Make Up: Gaia Brigida
Pic: Luciano Paselli
Costume: Lyall Hakaraia

Hard Ton released recently their album Party Hard Ton on the amazing Austrian label Luv Shack, that includes 16 original tracks some of which are the result of the collaboration with other outstanding artists such as Space Echo, ROTCIV, Spiller and many others. It also includes the hymn Queer Nation, that we had the pleasure to premiere and that has been one of our dancefloor weapons in the past months.

And like it usually happens, a remix EP followed. The Style Ga Galore EP includes killer remixes by Alinka, Gemini Brothers, Sebastian Voigt, Andrew Soul and Perseus Traxx. We are happy to be premiering exclusively on our blog “Shine By Night” remixed by Perseus Traxx, for which Hard Ton got together with Snuff Crew. When you have 5 very interesting music personalities involved in a track, you kind of know before even listening to it that it’s gonna be special. “HARD TON are the Italian duo with a larger than life disco sound and a surprising love of metal.”  – the first sentence of their biography says it all.  Then we have Snuff Crew whose motto is „It´s all about Jack!“, as they love Chicago House. And Perseus Traxx remixing, the mysterious York based producer, who is known for his fine acid house / electro sound. Get you copy here!

You can listen to the marvellous result below:

Listen to Queer Nation:

And to the rest of the album: