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The Berlin and Dresden-based label made of CONCRETE is back with a new stellar release, this time coming from Alek S, whose Paradise Lost EP is set to be released on November 25th, and with a contribution by Andres Zacco (Greener, Ilian Tape), this is definitely something that needs to be on the radar of any proper techno fan.
Get to know Alek S a bit more through this short interview below, and delve into a slice of made of CONCRETE techno as we’re premiering today “Bold”, a brooding yet dancefloor-ready track which aptly blends lush synths with intense heavy beats, maintaining a somehow melancholic vibe.



LSD: Hi Alek S! Tell us something about yourself, and how did you get into electronic music.
Alek S: I’m a 36 years old vinyl lover from Cottbus (near Berlin) in Germany. I started djing around 1998 to impress girls and get famous. Did not work out. To be honest I did not really like electronic music in my earlier days I was more into punk and hip hop/rap. All I knew about electronic music was trance but not the good. After a night out with friends there was a party where the sound was different than what I knew. So I started discovering, diggin and buying this music.  


LSD: At the beginning, you were mostly djing. What made you decide to start producing?
Alek S: For a record collector there is nothing bigger than having your own music on vinyl. That’s the main reason I started. Sometime I met Andreas Pionty who I knew thru djing. He told me that he and Fumée Grise are planning to run a label and they are looking for artists so I sent them my demos and they liked it, fortunately.      


LSD: What are the main inspirational sources for Paradise Lost EP, and what music were you listening to while working on it?
Alek S: It’s hard to say because the tracks are really different but mainly it’s creating music per se.
I have a passion for melancholic melodies and stripped-down dub sounds but it’s hard to find a label that will release these styles on one record but I know the guys from made of concrete for a while now and I knew they would like it.
When I’m working on tracks I mostly hear old classic rap/hip hop and also a lot of punk and straight edge hardcore.


LSD: Since today we’re premiering “Bold”, tell us something about this track, what does “Bold” mean to you?
Alek S: “Bold” is a one shot. I remember that I was jamming around in my studio and my girlfriend told me to turn down the volume because she wants to sleep. But I always need a result when I’m producing so I hit record and that’s it. It’s the first attempt and i this is how i sent it to the label.


LSD: When you’re not djing, producing or listening to music, what do you do? 
Alek S: Of course I’ve got a job; after that I’ll try to spend as much time as possible with my lil’ son and my girlfriend. And i’m also addicted to sports. At least 3 times a week.


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