LSD Exclusive: Lixo & Quays – Need U

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London producers Lixo & Quays have teamed up for a first collaborative effort on Lixo’s GETME! imprint.

IDA is an eerie record, both bringing to mind the familiar shuffle of UK garage, the pathos of pop and the weighty bass of grime. What emerges however, is a piece of work that explores uncharted territory, the spaces in between the genres that its foundations are built on.

Ahead of the EPs release tomorrow, we are delighted to premiere standout track Need U and got Lixo & Quays to tell us a bit more about their work.

Local Suicide: Hi Lixo & Quays, thanks for speaking to us. ‘Ida’ is the first EP you’ve released collaboratively. Are these the first tracks you’d written together or had you been jamming together prior to that?

Lixo: Yeah, it’s the first thing we have collaborated on, we have played on NTS and Radar together but this is our first proper release.

Quays:  Yeah. These are the first.

LSD: How did you find working together, both on a personal and musical level? Both your solo tracks are quite different but you can definitely feel there is a common strain that runs through them…

L: It was relatively straight forward, we weren’t being too precious about the process and quickly swapped sketch ideas and came up with the tracks pretty quickly. We initially thought of making something leaning towards Grime but I think the end result is very loose and doesn’t adhere to a particular genre but hints towards influences and tempos that a lot of electronic music shares.

Q: I usually just try to make things sound different than what is out there. In a lot of ways, this was a bit like remixing Lixo tracks.

LSD: Can you tell us a bit about ‘Need U’? It’s a very poignant track. Where does the sample come from?

L: I think the sample is a a vocal recorded by Quay’s girlfriend. There aren’t many samples on The EP apart from snippets of an interview with Marvin Gaye, a Wiley vocal and Goldie talking about his time in a foster home.

Q: Haha. Yeah. She had a project called Locke (now Priscilla Sharp) a few years ago that i produced, and she came out with a really cool track called “O Boy” that got a bit of attention for a minute.  This sample is from that track.

What’s on the cards for both of you next?

L: I’m working on solo stuff and have a rework of an Erik Satie track coming out as part of a compilation this summer. We hope to get another EP out this year.

Q: I have about three albums worth of music that I need to release…  This fall most of it will see the light of day.

Lixo & Quays’ IDA EP is out tomorrow on GETME! Grab a digital copy on Boomkat.


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