LSD Exclusive: Marvin & Guy’s 5 Tracks To Rock A Castle


Now, Slick Italian duo Marvin & Guy know a thing or two about rocking a club. Rocking a castle though? Well this is something we’ll have to find out in three weeks time at Farrago, Germany’s newest and quite possibly cutest festival, held within the walls of the Schweppermannsburg castle, in the close vicinity of Nuremberg.

Marvin & Guy first appeared on Mule Musiq affiliate imprint Let’s Get Lost before graduating to Jacques Renault’s On The Prowl imprint and moving onto the big league with critically acclaimed releases for Correspondant, Permanent Vaction, Hivern Discs and most lately Life And Death. The duo’s sound lies at the intersection of disco and techno, all in italo influenced arpeggios and outer space sonics, as demonstrated in Superior Conjunction, their superb recent outing on DJ Tennis’ imprint.

With Farrago fast approaching, we’ve put the boys to the test and asked them to put together a playlist to rock a castle. Catch Marvin & Guy at Farrago Festival, August 18 – 19. Buy your festival tickets HERE.

Abfahrt – Alone (It’s Me)

We are listening to a lot of Trance music these days and this one, because it’s one of those tracks, from that era, which is not originally super fast and also not cheap at all, it sounds also a bit industrial and that combination is perfect to burn the dancefloor straight away.

Sick Hardcore – Clinic Rhythm (L.O.M. Extended Version)

Life of Marvin project (M&G + Dj Tennis/Life and Death) is very special to us because it’s all about a second life of Italian pre-progressive music. (We decided to choose Clinic Rhythm, the B side of Volume 1, because it has this dirty mental and trippy flavour which we always loved since we started the M&G project. It’s basically just an extended version of the original that was around 4 minutes. If you listen to it, you can’t recognise that it’s from 1991, it still sounds so modern!

Universal Energy – Universal Energy

We grew up with Disco and Italo and this song is also a perfect combination of those 2 music styles, the synths are played in a very simple way and very straight to the point (which is a common thing with the music we produce). Every time that epic airy vocal chorus came up is like flying high in another galaxy, we get goosebumps every time we play it.

In Flagranti – A Little Diversion Between the Boredom

Alex and Sasha (In Flagranti) has been one of the main inspiration for the whole M&G project since the very beginning. They always have their very own way of producing music, they are great record collectors and they know almost everything about a lot of styles. This single from their last album is the proof they are real masters of electronic music with no specific genre, it sounds dirty, not well syncronised, so crooked, a must on our gigs.

Marvin & Guy feat. Fantastic Twins – The Train Of Fantastic

We chose Train Of Fantastic as the last one, not because it’s part of our recent release on Life and Death but just because we literally played it as last track in every set since we finished. It needs to be played from the very beginning to the last second. Julienne (Fantastic Twins) made such a great job using her voice in a very simple way but so effective and emotional. It’s a real journey you need to listen to carefully, that’s why we play it as last tune of a  DJ set. “This is a one way journey to the Train of Fantastic”.

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