LSD Exclusive: Melokolektiv Interview and ‘Children of Alep’ Premiere

Andre Crom‘s label OFF Recordings has been recently reshaping itself and is on a steadfast journey to fire off new and exciting music on a regular basis. Melokolektiv, previously a duo, has also undergone some changes as a project, and is now solely the effort of French producer and DJ Guillaume Heredia, who is also calling the shots as OFF’s A&R.
His first release as a solo project sees Melokolektiv distance himself from the usual style, going for a more intense and piercing blend of techno. We get an exclusive listen to “Childred of Alep”, a track whose title is inspired by current happenings in Syria. More about it in the interview, after the cut.
Melokolektiv – “Blame” will be out February 15th on OFF Recordings.

LSD: This is your first release as a solo project. Can you tell us how this change came about?

Melokolektiv: After five years of intensive collaboration with my former partner, we realised we had different views about how things needed to evolve. Then five months ago, I started to work on this EP, a major switch if you compare it to our previous releases as a duo. The concept of the EP was built around an exploration into my techno side, a journey filled with strong atmospheric pads.

LSD: The rules of the music industry are constantly changing. What are the biggest challenges you face as an artist today?

Melokolektiv: I think that the music industry is just following the bigger motion of our society. It appears that collaborative economy and self promotion are getting bigger and bigger. I think classic music platforms such as Beatport, Traxsource etc are going to slow down and make way for a direct  relation between music producers and their audience where free music will be a standard. On one side, it’s really exciting. Sharing my music directly to my audience and earning the little income that comes with it is something I have always dreamed about. We will gain in freedom and reactivity. However, this means a decrease for independent  artists on a financial level. Now artists need to be multitasking, DIY and earn little income from music sales,  which in turn tends to reduce their means to produce quality music. I’m afraid that quantity is overriding quality more and more. But let’s stay optimistic:)
LSD: You style seems a lot more intense now, what is the direction you are now taking?

Melokolektiv: Yes you are right, I’m glad you noticed it. I tend to do less compromise and to seek more sophistication in my own productions. I aim to produce what I like to call “timeless music”.
In order to achieve this, I have been working with a studio engineer for more than a year. Roderic is helping me reach another level of music production. In one year, I have learned so much, and I think it shows in my new tracks. However, even if this EP is very techno oriented, I don’t want to become a strictly techno producer. I like all type of music from electronica to techno and my next EPs will be really different.
LSD: What was the source of inspiration for this EP? 

Melokolektiv: “Children of Alep” refers to the destroyed city of Syria where thousand of people and children are victims of Bashar El Asad. I have been truly shocked to see reactions of rejecting these people to find a new safe place to live in Europe… Regarding the production process, I have tried to keep the tracks as minimal as possible, which forced me to get more creative with modulations for every element.

LSD: What are you preparing in the nearby future?

Melokolektiv: Along with Konvex & The Shadow we’ve been building  our own label called AZZUR. We want to take more risks notably in terms of distribution. I think that making things differently is the only way to get out of the pack. The first EP will be ready in June. I am also still hard at work with OFF Recordings and Andre Crom to carry on the change of artistic direction we have started more than one year ago. Last but not least, I have two collaborations with Konvex & the Shadow coming out soon on Kindisch and Akbal Music.