LSD Exclusive: R.R. Perkins – Safe

vol. iv covert artwork

We first showcased R.R. Perkins‘s work about 6 months back. The Philadelphia-based artist carefully weaves together elements of easy listening, synth-pop and light psychedelia in an instrumental and experimental write-as-you-go-along fashion.

Now on the verge of clocking in the 4th volume of his release series started back in July 2015, Rob was kind enough to offer us the delightfully estival Safe as a premiere. His newest release comes with a back story though.

The original Vol. IV was recorded in November 2015 as a collection of slow-paced, droney, experimental songs. The only thing left to do was mixing and mastering. But his laptop got stolen in the middle of the night with no backup left whatsoever. Biological backup by ways of brain-power also went out the window due to Perkins’ write as you go along work method. Already in a rough place financially, a short but deep period of distress ensued. Emergency food stamps, 2 jobs, 638 resumes, an ongoing game of buying/selling gear and a shit-ton of music-driven motivation later and things are back on track.

Check out Safe below.


Grab Vol. IV as a pay as you want on Bandcamp as from April 9th.

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