LSD Exclusive: Sovnger – Insomnia

cover Leonizer InsomniaNow this is one of those tracks that you just know it’s gonna get everyone moving on the dancefloor. And the title? Insomnia, I’m like dude seriously you thought you could fall asleep listening to this track? No way! It’s like an adrenaline injection running through your veins.

Sovnger, the creator of this little masterpiece, is a French dj and producer who has previously released on labels such as Bad Life, Boxon, Police and Formule Records and remixed artists like Alex Gopher, Shameboy, Sharam Jey, The Aikiu, John and the Volta and many more.

The entire EP is actually a bomb and includes two originals -“Insomnia” and “Tatemae” – and a remix of Insomnia by Leonard de Leonard, the label head of Leonizer Records who is releasing the EP.

Sovgner told us some things about the release:

“I’m living in Tokyo since a year and a half and this city is more than just another big city, that’s another planet!
And this planet is like me: it never sleeps!
Insomnia is really the kind of track which could fits clubs like the legendary WOMB, around 3am, in the dark, with some just flash lights and smoky atmosphere. This is deep and powerful at the same time.
Leonard de Leonard did a great remix by adding some analogic touch (as usual with Leonard 😉 but also this bassy atmosphere which brings even more depth to the track.
The 3rd track « Tatemae » which means « hypocrite » in japanese is about learning how to stop beeing polite, formal, stuck into this « tatemae » thing and just let it go, dance, feel, enjoy, LIVE!”

Listen to it exclusively on our site:

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