LSD Exclusive: Taster Peter – Autunna

Taster Peter is an Italian DJ and producer, who has released on high profile labels such as Highgrade Records, Suara, Trapez and Crosstown Rebels and his own label Extravaganza. His latest EP LFO Shit marking his debut on Crosstown Rebels underground sublabel Rebellion, really caught our attention though!

The EP includes three killer but different to each other tracks, that give off distinct vibes – all magic Dj weapons though. We are very happy to be premiering our favorite out of the EP, dark dancefloor bomb “Autunna”.

Listening to this track is like a trip. When I first listened to it, it reminded me of that one time when we were driving from Chichenitza to Playa del Carmen in Mexico. The night is falling, a huge moon is rising and no other cars are on the highway. You only see the car lights, the moon, shadows from the trees and imaginary creatures in the woods. If something weird had happened back then, it would have been this track would have been the perfect soundtrack. It starts off with a veil of mystery, somewhat creepy making you wonder what’s next. And then the powerful bassline and the trippy synths come and you know it is all very strange what you are experiencing right now, but not only you are going to be fine, but it’s going to be fun too.

The EP is out 17th June on Rebellion!

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