LSD Exclusive: Top 5 Soundtracks by Degray


Based in Barcelona, and having recently released Origin Part 1 via his own label Parse Audio (his fourth release with the imprint), Degray is known for his cross-contaminated productions that swim through the sub-genre categories.

As someone who doesn’t limit themselves to one genre, we thought we’d ask him to share his top 5 soundtracks with us:

Blade Runner

Classic film with a classic soundtrack.  The fact that it was released in 1982 shows it was definitely ahead of its time with the soundtrack. Vangelis created music that complemented the film perfectly. There isn’t a list of the best electronic soundtrack without this for a reason.


Not only the film is great but the music is exceptional. Can’t really go wrong with Brian Eno, New Order & Underworld in your soundtrack.

Mr. Robot

Although it’s not a movie but a TV series I can’t help but add this to the list. It’s an amazing electronic score that mixes real world effects and electronic music perfectly. Amazing to listen to the entire score in the background while working.

The Matrix

It might not be the best score out there, but between the movie being a breaking point in cinematic effects, and the fact that the setting and story absorbed me personally and influenced my music I felt I couldn’t leave it out.


It wasn’t easy to choose between the Interstellar soundtrack and the Inception soundtrack as Hans Zimmer did great work on both. The mix between the orchestra and the more electronic made sounds on the soundtracks are great and it’s one of those soundtracks you can just keep on repeat.

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