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Die Indie-Elektromusiker Alec Troniq und Gabriel Vitel auf einer
Internet unites people and in this case musicians. Alec Troniq and Gabriel Vitel met online and the rest is history. Their latest release on German label BroqueMind Doodles“, for which LSD did the video premiere, was absolutely amazing. And we can’t wait to hear more from the guys. Find out more about them!


Our names are Alec and Gabriel, but you might know us as Alec Troniq & Gabriel Vitel.

We were born and grew up in
Alec: Dresden
Gabriel: Schwäbisch Hall.

In our childhood our idols were no specific persons, because we always just wanted to be ourselves. We met in the web. In the beginning of 2013 we spontaneously decided to hook up for a studio session. Since then it worked so well that we started several songs and became good friends. We haven’t played together yet but we’re looking forward to do our first common Liveact on the “Freischwimmer Festival” in August near Stuttgart.


Now we still live in our hometowns with great pleasure and joy at life with music. We meet every day in the internet and get stunned about the great success of our song Mind Doodles. We sometimes argue when we realize, that it’s always hard to bridge the distance between our hometowns, but then we just exchange some files and start creating music on the digital way.

We enjoy transforming the abstract worlds in our heads to music, which creates new and totally different worlds in the heads of other people, who we don’t even know. We can spend hours recording new ideas on and on, before we even finished the prior.

One of our favorite places to visit is
Alec: the mountains, because it disconnects me from the urban and digital mania and shows, that reality is the actual beauty.
Gabriel: Paris, because I have family there, love the city and first of all it inspires me.

On weekdays we’re labouring hard to provide ourselves the opportunity to create good and honest music.

On weekends I usually
Alec: travel around and play gigs.
Gabriel: meet friends, spend time on music and do some painting if I am not partying.

Our favorite songs at the moment are
Alec: Andhim – The Wizard Of Us
Gabriel: Valery Gore – Worried Head (Egokind Remix).

Some films we watched lately and liked were
Alec: “Bear Me” by Kasia Wilk
Gabriel: “La Haine”

The last series we watched and loved was
Alec: I hate watching series, but Bing Bang Theory is funny though ;)
Gabriel: Misfits, The Walking Dead and Popeye the Sailor.

We are very inspired by
Alec: landscapes passing by outside of a train or car window. 
Gabriel: too many artists to list all of them.

Our dream is to do music forever. Our worst nightmare might be to get deaf.

We love real music from authentic artists and hate some people’s chase for disreputable attention and glory.

We are addicted to
Alec: Coffee and oxygen
Gabriel: Cigarettes, coffee and music

We just cannot stop to make up new music in our minds. We get totally fucked up, when Alec’s old studio computer scrambles all the sound while recording the best take ever.

Local Suicide reminds us of people loving and spreading cultural life.


Tomorrow we’ll have breakfast. Next month everything will be different. Next year we’ll see, where life takes us. In 10 years we hope to live in the present and not in the past or plan too much for the future.


If we weren’t musicians, we’d be sailors. If our lives were a Hollywood movie,  Laurel and Hardy would have the main roles, because they are so clumsy, but have those kind tempers though.

If we were a car, I would be a
Alec: Opel Rekord D.
Gabriel: Citroen DS.

If we were an animal, we would be a
Alec: Mammoth
Gabriel: funny mixture out of a hedgehog and a Leopard.

If we were a drug, we would be
Alec: Chamomile Tea
Gabriel: coffee or a pretty many-sided drug

If we were an invention, we would be a Perpetual Motion.

If we were an object, we would be a
Alec: Matryoshka doll
Gabriel: chunk

If we could date ourselves, we
Alec: I’d get plastered with me.
Gabriel: I’d be amazed by this scary thought.

If we could play with anyone it would be
Alec: Moby
Gabriel: Marek Hemmann.

We would like to collaborate with
Alec: Gabriel
Gabriel: Alec

If we had only one wish, it would be: World peace is always a good answer.

We would never say never, because that’s never a good idea.


Our word of advice to the reader would be to: Don’t become a DJ!

Here is the making of:

Gabriel’s brand new video:

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