FAZE TIME! We got the masters of ‘Super House‘ as they call their dj & producing style to answer our cloze. United in 2010 these two dudes from cologne were not only voted into the top 10 dj’s at german Raveline and Groove magazine one year later but are also already releasing their own EP’s on Monaberry, Terminal M & Sunset Handjob and remixes on Doppelgänger, Formatik, Wasabi & Great Stuff Recordings!


Our names are Simon (Immanuel Cunt) and Tobias (Mrs. Golden Shower) but you might know us as andhim.
We were born in Imaginationland and grew up in Atlantis.
In our childhood our idols were a lot of cool guys, because they were so cool.
We met in Cologne city at a bodybuilding contest and started to rub each other with tan posing creme immediately. In 2009 we decided to stop taking steroids and our muscle mass decreased. Since then we had our Libido back.

One of the best gigs we played was definitely at Berghain/Berlin. It was so much fun to play Happy Hardcore and Emo-Tech. One of the best gigs we have been to was propably Daft Punk in 2005. We loved the concerts of The Cure, Paul Simon, James Blake or Dj Shadow as well.


Now we live in huge golden mansions with dozens of hot female servants. We meet every day to spend a lot of money on endangered animals meat and Harry Potter merch.
We sometimes argue when there’s not enough meat, but then we remember having hot female servants.
We enjoy a good glass of scotch by the fireside and jerking off a lot. We can spend hours with jerking off. One of our favorite places to visit is probably Cologne, because we were born there and a lot of friends still live in this lovely little city.

On weekdays we are watching extremely much TV and on weekends we usually like to watch a good DVD.

Our favorite songs at the moment are Little Dragon’s Constant Surprises and Shade’s Rose Garden.
Some films we watched lately and liked was 3D (3D).
The last series we watched and loved was Arrested Development.

We are very inspired by a lot of good artists as well as everyday commodities.
Our dream is to become action heroes.
Our worst nightmare  is to miss a gold closing sale.
We love Hip Hop and hate being reduced to sex objects.
We are addicted to wanking, we just cannot stop wanking.
We get totally fucked up, when we have to stop wanking.

Local Suicide reminds us of a good old friend we just saw again after a long time.


Tomorrow we will be at the studio.
Next month we will play the first open air this year.
Next year we will release our first album.
In 10 years we hope to be still alive.


If we weren’t DJs, we would be two guys who would love to be DJs.
If our lives were a Hollywood movie, it would be a mega blockbuster with explosions, Sex and super creepy Alien Crab people and Will Ferell and Alf would have the main roles, because they totally rock. If we were a car, we would be a Hybrid.
If we were an animal, we would be a Unicorn.
If we were a drug ,we would be Viagra.
If we were an invention, we would be a MPC.
If we were an object, we would be a remote.
If we could date ourselves, we would propably jizz in our pants before the first hello.

If we could play with anyone it would be with some hot twins.
We would like to collaborate with some hot twins.

If we had only one wish, it would be a threesome with some hot twins.
We would never have a threesome with some ugly twins (yes, we would), because we prefer hot twins.


Our word of advice to the reader would be to brush your tees night and day.

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Video: andhim – Walkmen

Video: andhim – Wallace

Stream: andhim – collected works

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