Montreal-based DJ/producer Clarian is releasing his solo debut album ‘Television Days‘ on February 23rd, 2018 via Balance Music (order here). The banging first single ‘Under The Gun‘ with its retro-tinted synths, pastoral percussion and ​​reverbed vocals included club remixes by Kompakt’s Michael Mayer & Turbo Recordings’ boss Tiga. Find out more about Clarian in on LSD FAZE TIME feature below!



My name is Clarian but you might know me as soup spoon island dream fortune locked box slayer. I was born in outer space with a monkey on my face and grew up in machine zoo for the entertainment of strange beings. When I was a child my idol was randy my invisible friend, because he could fly with his raccoon tail. When I was confused, I started laughing. It was then when I realised that time is not really edible and decided to stop trying to eat it. Since then I have gained a brave new vision.

One of my best gigs I played was in London. It was so much fun I forgot about the giraffe in the hat with the baseball batt and I could relax if just for a little if only it were so.
One of the best gigs I have been to was Tiga at Sonar back in the dizzle. I loved it very much.


Now I live in your breaking mind with my broken heart. In my house you can find a tree that’s bitter about progressive french rock and my refrigerator is usually full with empty promises and despair. I enjoy sitting alone in a room full of people and building up anxiety and mutual resentment towards television shows a lot. I can spend hours or I can spend minutes but I can never spend enough. One of my favorite places to visit is Amsterdam, because it’s beautiful and dark and pleasant. On weekdays I drink lots of coffee and on weekends I usually drink lots of coffee. My favorite song at the moment is puccini tosca act ii e lucevan le stelle. A film I watched lately and really liked was Welt am Draht (world on a wire). The last series I watched and loved was (Метод) the method. I am very inspired by David Lynch. My dream is to duck duck goose. My worst nightmare is duck duck duck duck snake. I love to sit by the lake near the woods in the moonlight and hate myself when I’m selfish and act a fool. I am addicted to things that glow in the dark, I just cannot stop this fascination. I get totally fucked up, when I read Heidegger. The next day I need to take a cold bubble bath alone in this empty silk. Local Suicide reminds me of Alan Vega.


Tomorrow I go down with the ship. Next month we rise back up and ghost sail this bitch back to the keyes. Next year makes me melancholic. In 10 years I hope there will be less unnecessary fear and suffering in this reality, this planet.


If I wasn’t an idiot door, I would be an egotistical wall. If my life was a Hollywood movie, it would end very quickly due to disputes with my writing styles and storylines from the corporate shitbrains using twitter algos to make packaged up excuses of art and snuff the future expressive nature of humanity of the poor kids of tomorrow rendering us all mentally and emotionally independantly impotent and it is unnacceptable would have the main role, because julee cruise because she is angelic. If I could have sex with anyone, it would be the inner smile provoked in us by the patent nonexistence of both. If I was a car, I would be a peculiar acid trip. If I was an animal, I would be this weirdo creature which appears to be writing into this weirdo machine. If I was a drug I would be something that can help sick people. If I was an invention, I would be unpopular. If I was an object, I would be a today’s standard. If I could date myself, I would have multiple personality disorder.

If I could play with anyone it would be unfathomable. I would like to collaborate with Daniel Otto Junis Miller. If I had only one wish, it would be a glass of whiskey. I would never wish for a glass of whiskey if i had only one wish, because I can get  most probably one without wishing it were so.


My word of advice to the reader would be to don’t stare too closely into the screen because it might suck you in or hurt your eyeballs.

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