Exium03Having gathered almost 20 years of experience, Spanish duo Exium are a known institution for experimental techno. For their second album A Sensible Alternative to Emotion on the Spanish imprint PoleGroup they took a straight conceptual approach to create something beyond club music. The result is an impeccable journey ranging from dark ambient textures to Industrial-inspired cutting edge techno excursions. Find out more about them below!

Our names are Valentín Corujo and Hector Sandoval, but you might know us as ExiumWe were born in Spain and grew up in Asturias, a small region in the north of Spain.
In our childhood our idols was Quini, a sporting Gijon football player, because we love sporting and Quini was the best.
We met in 1993 through mutual friends at Botica (Oviedo), a small techno/trance club and started talking about music and going to parties together.
In 1994 we decided to learn how to spin records and in 1999 we started to produce as Exium. Since then we have released over 60 records. One of the best gigs we played was Berghain. It was so much fun, because many of our friends were there and the ps system is amazing.
One of the best gigs we have been to was Tresor. We loved being jailed at the dj booth.


Now we live in Asturias. We meet every week to make music and on weekends to play in clubs. We sometimes argue when we do not agree, but then we find the middle ground. We enjoy drinking beer and eating sushi a lot.
We can spend hours at the airport. One of our favorite places to visit is Berlin, because we like playing there.
On weekdays we spend many hours in the studio and on weekends we usually spend many hours travelling.
Our favorite songs at the moment are Ingenue by Atoms for Peace and Vanishing Point by Orphx. Some films we watched lately and liked were The Tree of Life, Hugo. The last series we watched and loved was The Big Bang Theory and Breaking Bad.
We are very inspired by old-school techno. Our dream is to play in Japan.  Our worst nightmare laptop hanging on stage.  We love beer and hate politicians and bankers who drink the blood of the working class. We are addicted to chaos, we just cannot stop checking new promos.

We get totally fucked up, when someone tries to cheat us.

Local Suicide reminds us of don’t know, but this interview is really fun…


Tomorrow we will start working on a new remix. Next month we will release our new record on nheoma. Next year who knows…

In 10 years we hope to still be doing what we’ve been doing for the last 10 years.


If we weren’t humans, we would be androids producing techno with an built-in TR-909.
If our lives were a Hollywood movie, we would be Jack Lemmon and Walter Matthau and both would have the main roles, because we are The Odd Couple.
If we were a car, we would be a BMW Serie 1. If we were an animal, we would be a Polar bear.
If we were a drug ,we would be LSD. If we were an invention, we would be the steam engine.
If we were an object, we would be a 180 grams 12″.
If we could date ourselves, we almost do this every week now anyway.
If we could play with anyone it would be Boards of Canada.
We would like to collaborate with Aphex Twin.
If we had only one wish, it would be peace…utopia, no wars because wars are shit and the men who cause them never fight them.
We would never support fake people, because they suck.


Our word of advice to the reader would be not to take life too seriously all the time.


Youtube teaser of their album A Sensible Alternative to Emotion:

Album snippets:

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