LSD FAZE TIME: Ghost In Saturn?

GHOST iN SATURN? is a darkly spectral concoction wrought from the minds of French artists Guillaume Asseline (aka Moon Pilot) and Malika Nid El Mourid. With inspiration drawn from Patti Smith, Unkle, PJ Harvey, and Serge Gainsbourg, these musical astronomers chart a new course through the outer reaches of the musical solar system. Malika and Moon have been making music together for 14 years in various projects including the band Mashiro, whose music was was used on the soundtrack for the MTV Dirty Sanchez movie, and B-Zero where they produced music with young prison inmates.


Our names are Malika Nid El Mourid and Guillaume Asseline aka Moon Pilot but you might know us as GHOST iN SATURN?.
We were born in France and grew up in Angers.
In our childhood our idols were Kim Wilde & Cindy Lauper, because they were so sexy.
We met in Angers at a troglodyte. In a pub we decided to make love and live together. Since then we made a baby and founded a band.

One of the best gigs we played was a festival in france. It was so much fun because Moon forgot his bass and the backliner was totally drunk. One of the best gigs we have been to was Massive Attack in Nantes, France. We loved the music, the sound, the light-show, the band.


Now we live in Angers, France with our baby. We meet every bird and sometimes drink the local organic red wine.
We sometimes argue when we don’t agree about the movie, but then we watch another movie.
We enjoy doing musicdrinking beers with friends. and laughing a lot. We can spend hours watching movies. One of our favorite places to visit is our bed, because we are tired since we have a baby.

On weekdays we make music and on weekends we usually make music.

Our favorite songs at the moment are night drive by Chromatics, below the cherry moon by Whomadewho, cuckoo by Still Corners, sprawl 2 by Arcade Fire, you wish you were red by Trailer Trash Tracys, nightcall by Kavinsky, and many others.
Some films we watched lately and liked were Drive, Submarine, Shutter Island,Dans la brume électrique.
The last series we watched and loved was Dexter.

We are very inspired by movies & landscapes.
Our dream is to make a black pop song with David Lynch.
Our worst nightmare  would be to live in north corea.
We love to travel and hate racism.
We are addicted to cinéma and food, we just cannot stop making music.
We get totally fucked up, when we try to repair the car.

Local Suicide reminds us of the Alan Vega’s band.


Tomorrow we finish to cut a movie about our last tour in UK.
Next month we start to work on the next album.
Next year we play the next album on stage.
In 10 years we hope to make a lot of movies & music.


If we weren’t musicians, we would be gangsters.
If our lives were a Hollywood movie, that’d be cool.
If we were an animal, we would be a parrot.
If we were a drug ,we would be red wine.
If we were an invention, we would be electricity.
If we were an object, we would be a computer.

If we could play with anyone it would be Radiohead, PJ Harvey, Patti Smith, Massive Attack,  Portishead.
We would like to collaborate with Michel Gondry, David Lynch, Patti Smith, Geoff Barrow, Mark Lannegan, Tom Yorke, Tim Goldsworthy, Neil Davidge, Nigel Godrich, Lars Von Trier, Alejandro González Iñárritu.

If we had only one wish, it would be to make music all life long.
We would never vote for sarkozy, because he is an asshole.


Our word of advice to the reader would be to listen to the Black Pop Band from outerspace.

Video: GHOST IN SATURN? – Life Is A Liar

Stream: GHOST IN SATURN? – THE OTHER SIDE feat. Olivier Mellano

Stream: GHOST IN SATURN? – Dusk


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