LSD FAZE TIME: Hunni’d Jaws

Hunnid Jaws

Hunni’d Jaws’ sound embodies an enthralling, no-boundaries approach to club music in which the ugly is embraced alongside the sublime. The DJ and producer is half of Berlin Community Radio’s Call Dibs and a founding member of collective and tutorship programme No Shade (who’ve by the way just released some amazing merch).

Shattering the club mold, her sets are an ever-transforming synthesis of ballroom, classic rave, techno-grime hybrids, latinx, and beyond, delivering a welcome dose of fun to a city whose dominant aesthetic lies in dead-serious, dark techno.

On Call Dibs, her radio show with fellow DJ and producer Dis Fig, the two program a series of up-and-coming club acts, and it’s clear that they have their fingers on the pulse of the Soundcloud underground – going through the show’s archive is like reading a who’s who of upcoming DJs. Hunni’d Jaws also runs No Shade alongside Linnéa, Carmel Koster and Polymaze, promoting access and empowerment in electronic music through organising a programme that offers training and resource access to new female and non-binary DJs.

Fresh from standout sets at CTM Festival 2018, Hunnid Jaws drops by for a spot of Faze Time and delivers one of the best in the series yet.


My name is Lele Hunnid the I but you might know me as Hunni’d Jaws! I was born in dem USA and grew up in the notorious “p-town”, an hour north of NYC. When I was a child my idol was Boy George, Da Brat, this neurosurgeon I saw on Oprah, Sporty Spice, Kurt Cobain because I admired their tudes. When I was 22, I started becoming serious about my obsession with trainspotting at the club and at the crib. It was then that I realised that ima learn to DJ and decided to get a controller. Since then I play shows, started producing, have a radio show, and started my ascent as a myth.

One of the best gigs I played was in japan, on my 24th birthday! It was so much fun, Sakana put it together in 24 hrs, Pakin spit over my set – a huge grime MC legend. I also really loved a gig a played in Minneapolis and i was at this bizarre bar called Tangiers where the bros met up with this forward queer collective, qvntessa and somehow merged for the better. there were rollerblades involved – SO niessa!
One of the best gigs I have been to was prolly this unoffiical gig, “puppygang102” weird rooftop house party in 201,via s!ck magic, in the warehouses, above an old laundry detergent factory, basically ANYONE in town that weekend played, most blasphemous evening – there’s a very shady picture of me from this wearing weird indian hippie garb – night was a mirage to me otherwise. It was this rude beginning into real life for me. I loved the series of parties I was front row/decks for 2011-2013 roughly, the heads in NYC are HXC.


Now I live in Berlin with the music industry – *literally* every producer lives here. In my house you can find smoothie ingredients, tea, chocolate and a bare minimum of material possessions and my refrigerator is usually full with pickles. I enjoy chuckling over the dead files – which is so unintentionally campy and creating/finding sounds a lot. I can spend hours fishing, reading articles and dancing. One of my favorite places to visit is in Berlin, is this weird lot of green space squished surprisingly near Graefekiez, because it’s *random* and a wormhole to a greener grass.

On weekdays I hustle and on weekends I usually hustle harder.

My favorite song at the moment is anything by Creed, jk BUT if you put on any old Creed song you will known 99% of the lyrics without having tried and that’s utterly fucked up. If you do it now, histrionically in your best beefy tone belt it out. Or maybe like “that” lifehouse track. there were some ‘terrible’ alt rock-ish jams that are burrowed in your skull. The last series I watched and loved was I am so hard to please, End of the Fxxxking world was dope, but it should have been a film.

I am very inspired by the ugly, juicy, sublime. My dream is to advocate myself, what i love, and others. My worst nightmare is complacency/mediocre meets bad dates.

I love empty rows on airplanes and hate not hate but it’s definitely a funny phenomenon when ‘internet personalities’ don’t match in a person’s real life person.

I am addicted to addiction, satire, and music. I just cannot stop getting wound up in and falling in love with music.

I get totally fucked up, when something changes my perspective, like psychedelic experience. The next day I need to jump into ambitions.

Local Suicide reminds me of snack time.


Tomorrow I schlep and mill away. Next month, well this week I play some gigs at Ohm and Yaam. Next year hopefully I’m studying or travelling or been given grant money for a hidden surprise! In 10 years I hope the world cools down.


If I wasn’t a musician, I would be a street meat vendor.

If my life was a Hollywood movie, it basically is, a different doppelgangers would share the main role, because it’s creepy when people say you look like this or that celebrity, why not have every one in a different scene. If I could have sex with anyone, it would be with a slew, i can’t narrow it down.

If I was a car, I would be a go-kart meets helicopter. If I was an animal, I would be a chameleon elephant.

If I was a drug I would be a nootropic icecream. If I was an invention, I would be something that would let you sleep while also doing tasks/work you don’t enjoy doing. If I was an object, I would be a pinata . If I could date myself, I would.

If I could play with anyone it would be a new years lineup that almost happened, and i hope it happens, so my lips are sealed, aside from that, someone who would like to do a live Bob Ross painting. I would like to collaborate with TLC back in the day.

If I had only one wish, it would be to cut the bullshit on a global scale.

I would never play Berghain or Boiler Room or wear Birkenstocks – but never say never., because never aka forever is a long long time..


My word of advice to the reader would be to do what you want right now.


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