Joalz is one of the coolest new bands that Greece has to offer. Their sound is dark, psychedelic, electronic with kraut-rock influences. Their idols are Aphrodite’s Child, Amon Duul and CAN. Maria Tsoni’s theatrical performance is enhancing even more the already extravagant sound and all you can do is let yourself free to travel in their distorted melodies. Find out more about them listening to their captivating music.



Our names are Leonidas Segkas, Mary Tsoni, Zoggy, Vasia Bakoyianni and we record a weird kind of obscure indietronica but you might know us as JOALZ.

We were born in Athens and grew up in Athens.

In our childhood our idols were Aphrodite’s Child, because we love Vangelis & Demmi Roussos.

We met in Athens at the movies and part of us moved to Berlin. In Xberg we decided to self release a new E.P and loose some money. Since then we are not human beings.
One of the best gigs we played was Directors Lounge Festival Berlin. It was so much fun that we would love to do that again.. and then we went out to party.. One of the best gigs we have been to was My Bloody Valentine live at Primavera 2010. We loved their chaos.


Now we live in Athens & Berlin with our music machines.. We meet every week and rehearsal.
We sometimes argue when our guitarist wants to be the headliner, but then our mixing engineer is taking action..
We enjoy the sea and we swim a lot. We can spend hours in the studio. One of our favorite places to visit is Acropolis, because we love Gods.
On weekdays we are lazy and on weekends we usually rehearse.
Our favorite songs at the moment are Dear Reader : Down Under Mining.
Some films we watched lately and liked was The Alps. The last series we watched and loved was No TV!!.
We are very inspired by Movies.

Our dream is to have an album on Constellation records. Our worst nightmare  to self release our next E.P
We love beautiful music and hate stupid music.
We are addicted to darkness, we just cannot stop dreaming.
We get totally fucked up, when we loose our Trash Dreams.

Local Suicide reminds us of Childhood.


Tomorrow we come to you. Next month we have to pay our rent. Next year we’ll finish our full LP. In 10 years we hope to do it all over again.


If we weren’t normal, we would be a band. If our lives were a Hollywood movie,  it would be a sci-fi one.
If we were an animal, we would be a Donkey. If we were a drug ,we would be Heroin.
If we were an invention, we would be Gods. If we were an object, we would be a corvet.
If we could date ourselves, we would be late.
If we could play with anyone it would be Karin Driejer Anderson. We would like to collaborate with Karin Driejer Anderson.
If we had only one wish, it would be this kind of  world to ..end.

We would never stop swimming, because this is the sea.


Our word of advice to the reader would be to listen to your darkness.

Download their cover of Hot Chip “One Life Stand” for free below:

Watch the video for “Outspoken You Are

And the older retro “Trash Dreams