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This guy is one of a kind. Jori HulkkonenFinland’s most prolific export,  started releasing music over 20 years ago. He was interested in electronic music from his early years, despite the fact that he grew up in a small city near Turku BI (Before Internet). He released his first album “Selkäsaari Tracks” in 1996 and has been producing massive tunes ever since. His breakthrough to a wider audience came in 2001, during the electroclash era, with the cover of “Sunglasses At Night” he did with Tiga. We also discovered him then and instantly became fans of the Finnish synths master and continue to be so ever since. Last year at Melt! Festival we had the pleasure to open up for the two during when Tiga was presenting his live show with Jori. 2017 saw the release of his new album “Don’t Believe in Happiness” (get it here) on iconic Canadian label label My Favorite Robot Records and as expected we can’t get enough of it. Read his poetic, sarcastic and humorous LSD Faze time below.


My name is Jori Hulkkonen but you might know me as Zyntherius, the man who discovered Tiga.. I was born in Kemi, Finland and grew up in a world filled with fear, suspicion and cold war.. When I was a child my idol was Steel, because he and Sapphire battled against Time.. When I was 40, I started to have grey hair.. It was then when I realised that time is a finite resource and decided to shift focus away from the “self”. Since then I have been mostly listening to a lot of new age -music..

One of the best gigs I played was just last weekend, an underground party in Helsinki where I did a 4 hour acid set.. It was so much fun, it really was! And good, too!
One of the best gigs I have been to was Kuusumun Profeetta in Helsinki. 2001 I think.. I loved Mika Rättö’s stage presence mixed with the band’s fresh approach to folk..


Now I live in a state where I hold on to my childhood dreams with very little touch with reality.. In my house you can find out what it means to be human in our modern society and my refrigerator is usually full with champagne and broken dreams.. I enjoy writing interviews and talking about myself a lot. I can spend hours coming up with false and contradictory answers.. One of my favorite places to visit is Tintån terde, because I made a song about it, and now I feel I’m obliged to promote the new record and that place. It’s like a prison, really..

On weekdays I spend ridiculous amounts of time drinking coffee and on weekends I usually switch to red wine..

My favorite song at the moment is MGMT “Little Dark Age”. A film I watched lately and really liked was Blade Runner 2049. A 10/10, although the score was a let-down. The last series I watched and loved was The Expanse, season two..

I am very inspired by the coming collapse of civilization. Hence my new album.. My dream is to become a doctor.. My worst nightmare is to fuck up a mix..

I love the sea and hate nazis..

I am addicted to pirkka pesto pasta sauce, I just cannot stop, because if I stop, I fear I may not be able to start again..

I get totally fucked up, when I party with my posse.. The next day I need to re-listen after a long while. An overlooked Bowie -album on my behalf..

Local Suicide reminds me of her when she was young.


Tomorrow I will look back at today and think “what a wednesday!”. Next month I’ll be releasing loads of new music.. Next year will come, and hopefully it will bring better things. But I doubt it.. In 10 years I hope there’s a civilization still here left to stream my funky jams..


If I wasn’t a scientist -which, by the way, I am not -, I would be a genre crossing and defining songwriter, producer, dj and journalist -which, incidentally I am..
If my life was a Hollywood movie, Neil Breen would have the main role, because he’s the best there is.. If I could have sex with anyone, it would be morally and intellectually an extremely challenging situation..
If I was a car, I would be a ghast.. If I was an animal, I would be a turtle, naturally.. If I was a drug I would be an aspirin.. If I was an invention, I would be noise cancelling headphones.. If I was an object, I would be a dull knife. . If I could date myself, I probably wouldn’t..

If I could play with anyone it would be My Favorite Robot guys. I hear they R-O-C-K ! I would like to collaborate with David Sylvian or Scott Walker..

If I had only one wish, it would be depressing. I’d like more..

I would never want anything from you, because you owe me nothing..


My word of advice to the reader would be to not believe in happiness..


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