LSD FAZE TIME: Junksista

When two long-time friends, with totally opposite music tastes and backgrounds, decide to make music together, the result can only be eclectic, explosive and absolutely contradictory.
JUNKSISTA is the burning sonic firework resulting from the clash of the two strong personalities of sexy, provocative, and electro-addicted Diana and the highly skilled guitarist and perfectionist studio guru Boog.

Hailing from Southern Germany, the duo offers a fresh and electric mix of catchy electro tunes, sexually explicit lyrics, sensual half-sung half-spoken female vocals, funky guitar riffs, and tons of bass and synthesizer filled grooves. JUNKSISTA stands for catchy electro-cunt-rock that packs an electronic power punch to the gut.

From the spanking industrial beats of dark fetish clubs to the distorted synths of an angst-filled orgy of sweaty dancing bodies, JUNKSISTA knows no limits. They explore all forms of music, ranging from good old GARBAGE to 80′s dance, through laidback electro; and at the same time spit their dirty silly lyrics onto explosive dance anthems with a gritty bass edge or other lighter electronic pop songs.

After a couple of self-released EP’s and 2 EP’s released on Belgium’s Alfa Matrix label , JUNKSISTA releases their new album :  ” Bad Case of Fabulous” on the 8th of November . 

The album is courageous and consistent, a nice balance between catchiness and depth. With this record they prove that even decadent songs have a future, and we can mature in electro without burning the wings.

The technical interview process that used to hire software engineers/developers hasn‘t changed much over the years. Please find our LSD FAZE TIME with Diana below.


My name is Diana S.  I was born in a cow village in South Germany and grew up right there. When I was a child my idol was She-Ra, the princess of power, because she has a horse with wings and He-Man is her cool is that?! When I was 15, I started to work as a DJ. It was then when I realized that I am good at this, even though my taste in music is abysmal and decided to keep going and eventually start writing my own music. Since then I learned how to play bass, how to work with music production software and how to make people feel awkward with dirty, inappropriate lyrics.

One of the best gigs I played was at the French Pop Mission in Paris, because French people like it dirrrrty! It was so much fun because we felt appreciated.

One of the best gigs I have been to was Florence and the Machine. I loved that you can’t really tell if she’s a fairy or a person.


Now I live in the same, lame cow village in South Germany with 4 cats, 2 guinea pigs and a French woman. In my house you can find a 3 meter screen and a cinema projector and my refrigerator is usually full with healthy vegan food. Go vegan!

I enjoy all kinds of sick horror movies and foot massages a lot. I can spend hours online, looking at funny cat pictures. One of my favorite places to visit is any mall to shop for clothes, because I am a woman.

On weekdays I usually work my ass off for the band and on weekends I usually do the same.

My favorite song at the moment is Smooth Operator by Sade. A film I watched recently and really liked was American Mary by the Soska Sisters. The last series I watched and loved was Breaking Bad and also Two Broke Girls.

I am very inspired by so many artists, it’s hard to name just one. I love The new Daft Punk album and hate nothing…life is too short for such negativity. I am addicted to tattoos, I just cannot stop getting new ones.

I get totally fucked up, whenever I leave the house for any activity that involves partying. The day after I need to do some hardcore-chilling because I am old.

Local Suicide reminds me of that one time back when Local Suicide asked me to do this interview that you’re reading right now.


Tomorrow I will rehearse for our next gig. Next month I will release the first Junksista album with Boog and our label Alfa Matrix. Next year I will be writing a shitload of awesome new songs. In 10 years I hope I won’t have aged horribly.


If I weren’t an atheist, I would be scared of burning in hell for writing those lyrics. If my life was a Hollywood movie, some crack whore would have the main role, because no one else would wanna play that shit. If I could have sex with anyone, it would be Sarah Michelle Gellar. If I were a car, I would be a ’82 Chevrolet Corvette. If I were an animal, I would be a cat..obviously! If I were a drug I would be Crystal Meth. If I were an invention, I would be Tofu..because I can be awesome but no one knows how to handle me. If I were an object, I would be made by Apple.

If I could date myself, I would give it a try but eventually break up cuz we’re just too different. If I could play with anyone it would be Garbage. I would like to collaborate with Cyndi Lauper.

If I had only one wish, it would be something so unpopular, i better not share that ;-)

I would never be in a cover band, because I ain’t a copy of no one.


My word of advice to the reader would be to grab life by the balls, make it your bitch and don’t waste any time wondering what others think of you.


Here is the videoclip for the Song “Life Is Unfair (And Love Is A Bitch)  “taken from the album BAD CASE OF FABULOUS 
(Video directed by Noemie Alazard & Fabio Soares) that you can watch here :

Official Website / Facebook / Twitter / Souncloud

You can see them at an exclusive event in Paris, on the 9th of November for the First Fashion show of Benedicte Beau, a 60’s style French Fashion Designer and French Pop Mission Party here  at the Bus Palladium in Paris .

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