LSD FAZE TIME: Justin Martin

After releasing several EP’s with his protégée Ardalan, front covering DJ Mag, remixing Radiohead, Marshall Jefferson and more (for Fools Gold & Greco Roman) with his brother Christian as The Martin Brothers, Justin Martin finally delivers his long awaited debut artist album with the very same smile and fun loving attitude he’s had since the beginning.  ‘Ghettos & Gardens’ is exactly as advertised – a tender and tough collection of songs that build you up with sweeping strings, then break you down with earth shattering basslines. It’s sunsets vs. cyclones, roses vs. razors, and bunny rabbits vs. wolverines.

Feeding off the energy of the San Francisco underground and mentored by fellow super producer Claude VonStroke, Justin was intrinsically involved with the development of dirtybird records, appearing on its first four releases.


My name is Justin Martin but you might know me as that guy with flowers on his head that likes pizza. I was born in West Hartford and grew up WEHA!. When I was a child my idol was skateboarders Christian Hosoi and Frankie Hill, because they thrashed! When  I was 2, I started  playing the pots and pans. It was then when I realised that I was probably not gonna ever gonna make it as a drummer and decided to learn the piano and saxaphone instead. Since then I learned how to make noise with lots of different instruments.

One of my best gigs I played was last weekend at our dirtybird party in SF.It was so much fun playing for my hometown crowd. They are crazy and like to dance and FREAK OUT!
One of the best gigs I have been to was Exit Festival. I loved playing at sunrise for thousands of people!


Now I live in San Francisco with the rest of the dirtybird fam. In my house you can find my studio and my refrigerator is usually full with leftover pizza and coconut water. I enjoy pizza and coconut water a lot. I can spend hours eating pizza and drinking coconut water. One of my favorite places to visit is Maui, because my parents live there.

On weekdays I chill and on weekends I usually PARTY.

My favorite song at the moment is Major Lazer “get free”. A film I watched lately and really liked was Cedar Rapids. The last series I watched and loved was Breaking Bad.

I am very inspired by creative people who like to have fun and laugh. My dream is to someday conduct an orchestra. My worst nightmare is  standing in line with a hangover.

I love fun and hate grumpy, mean, or cocky people.

I am addicted to pizza and coconut water, I just cannot stop myself from smiling and enjoying life.

I get totally fucked up, when I drink too much whiskey. The next day I need to drink coconut water.

Local Suicide reminds me of how i wish every interview i did was :).


If I wasn’t a dj, I would be a pizza maker.
If my life was a Hollywood movie,  tintin would have the main role, because its always an adventure. If I could have sex with anyone, it would be my girlfriend…. duh!
If I was a car, I would be a candy painted el camino with 24 inch rims. If I was an animal, I would be a puppy. If I was a drug I would be music. If I was an invention, I would be a cure for hangovers. If I was an object, I would be a musical instrument, preferably one that gets blown. If I could date myself, I would probably have dumped myself by now.

If I could play with anyone it would be Miles Davis. I would like to collaborate with Pharrell.

If I had only one wish, it would be world peace.

I would never say never, because life is too short.


My word of advice to the reader would be to have as much fun as possible, because at the end of your life its one of the few things in life you’ll wish you had more of..


Stream: Justin Martin – Ghettos & Gardens

Free Mp3: Justin Martin – BBC 1 Minimix

Stream: Justin Martin – Bedroom Music

Stream: Justin Martin – Bumpin Music

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