LSD FAZE TIME: Kaiserdisco

is well known for its impressive music scene and these two guys are just another proof for it: Frederic Berger and Patrick Buck aka Kaiserdisco. They have already released music on respected labels such as Drumcode, 100% Pure,  Kling Klong, Terminal M and My Best Friend, have founded their own label KD Music and have been djing in some of the world’s best venues. It is their unique blend of techno, deep house and minimal in their productions and dj sets, talent and passion that makes them stand out. Find out more about them!


Our names are Patrick Buck and Frederic Berger but you might know us as Kaiserdisco. We were born in Hamburg, Germany and grew up in Hamburg too. In our childhood our idols were Depeche Mode and Prince, because of their unique sound. We met in Hamburg at a club called Mojo and made an appointment for the next day to do our first collaboration. In the studio there was such a good vibe that we decided to go on and on and so Kaiserdisco was born. Since then we are touring the world and our whole life changed completely.

One of the best gigs we played was New Year’s Day at Wappie New Year in Amsterdam. It was so much fun cause everybody was dressed up and it felt like the temperature was about 50 degrees. One of the best gigs we have been to was Sven Väth and Steve Bug many years ago in Berlin during the Loveparade weekend. We loved everything that night. Perfect music, perfect crowd amazing vibe..


Now we live in Hamburg with our girls Mirjam and Stefanija. We meet every day in the studio and produce music.

We sometimes argue when the dishes needs to be washed, but then bought a dishwasher and now we don’t argue anymore.

We enjoy hanging around together every day and we appreciate that we could make our hobby to our job a lot. We can spend hours in the studio and produce good music. One of our favorite places to visit is Ibiza, because of good weather, good music, good parties….

On weekdays we are in the studio and after at home and on weekends we usually are somewhere around the world.

Our favorite songs at the moment are House Party by and dotSTRIPE, Motormouth by Audion and of course our current Drumcode Ep La Turba. Some films we watched lately and liked was The place beyond the pines. The last series we watched and loved was Entourage and Homeland.

We are very inspired by everything that we see and that happens to us while we are touring the world. Our dream is to play even more and that our life will go on like this for a long, long time. Our worst nightmare was being wrongly arrested in Columbia for one day. We love good organized promoters and hate not payed hotel rooms and waiting for the driver for hours.

We are addicted to gummi bears and beer, we just cannot stop eating and drinking them. We get totally fucked up, when we got too much of them.

Local Suicide reminds us of Beatport in pink.


Tomorrow we are back in the studio. Next month we will be in the Czech Republic, Korea, England, the Netherlands, Germany and looking forward to celebrate Christmas at home…Next year hopefully lots of good parties and being at spaces we have never been before. In 10 years we hope we are still in good shape and nothing changed.


If we weren’t Kaiserdisco, we would be anything else in the music business. If our lives were a Hollywood movie, me and me would have the main roles, because we love to be indispensable. If we were a car, we would be a Jaguar E-Type Roadster. If we were an animal, we would be a Lion. If we were a drug ,we would be cocaine. If we were an invention, we would be a Roland TB 303. If we were an object, we would be a Tree. If we could date ourselves, we would do that in a good restaurant. If we could play with anyone it would be Carl Cox and Sven Väth. We would like to collaborate with Depeche Mode.

If we had only one wish, it would be to wish that all our wishes come true.

We would never change anything in our life, because we love it the way it is.


Our word of advice to the reader would be to never give up dreaming your dream and give all you can give to reach your goal.



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