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Alex Warren aka Kiwi has been a key figure of the London club scene in the last decade from starting of as a photographer at the legendary DURRR nights by Erol Alkan to cultivating his popular club nights Orlando Boom & Kate Boss and later booking at The Nest and regularly playing at his own parties & abroad whilst holding a residency at XOYO. In the last years he has put out great EP’s & singles on labels such as Optimo, Days Of Being Wild, 17 Steps, Deep Shit and lately Futureboogie, Correspondant & Disco Halal and remixed artists such as Anii, WhoMadeWho, Margot, Robert Owens, Klaxons. We wanted to find out more about Kiwi and invited him to fill in the gaps for our LSD FAZE TIME feature which you can read below.


My name is Alex and  but you might know me as Kiwi. I was born in Shropshire, (UK) and grew up in the west midlands. In my childhood my idol was John Peel, because he was culpable for opening my mind up to music my friends would never have shared with me. His dulcet tones also wished me off to sleep every single night of the week. We met in the weekend after he died, at my old bosses wedding anniversary. I was to sit next to him on the table plan. Sadly it wasn’t to be. One of the best gigs I played was (almost) All night long at Barberellas (Croatia). It was so much fun I played warm up and close, and Lindstrom played for an hour in the middle, I remember looking up at 5.45am, as the sun was beginning to rise, and playing Caribou. It was a very special moment for me and for my career. One of the best gigs I have been to was DJ Harvey’s return to London at Oval Space. I loved the anticipation, the expectations and the delivery, I’m not sure you will ever see more greying disco heads in one room at a time but my god was it electric.


Now I live in London with my two cats Taylor Swift and Cos. We meet every day and I speak lovingly to them as they glare at me. We sometimes argue when they decide to eat my laptop charger, (I’ve easily spent a grand on replacements), but then I squirt them in the face with a water pistol, and i feel justice is served. We enjoy hanging out, listening to records. Cos is a keen turntablist, and has made my mixer her warm bed. We can spend hours sleeping, who doesn’t love sleeping? One of our favorite places to visit is the top of fence in the garden, because it’s a wonderful platform for watching the neighbour cats. My favorite song at the moment is Christine and the Queens – Girlfriend (on repeat), Minnie Ripperton – Inside my love, all the new Roisin Murphy stuff, and I’ve recently been revisiting The Strokes back catalogue. Some films I watched lately and liked was call me by your name, 3 Billboards, Megan Leavey. The last series I watched and loved was LOVE on netflix, ticks all my boxes. I’m very inspired by Nightclubbing. My dream is to play Panorama Bar. My worst nightmare is to play Panorama Bar on mushrooms (actually had this nightmare, I couldn’t find any music, the music kept stopping and people booed it was pretty horrible). I love open minds, expression, immigrants, diversity, self love and hate insecurity, bigots and greed. I am addicted to SUGAR, its a fucking nightmare.

Local Suicide reminds me of an incestuous but supportive family.


Tomorrow I go to the studio and make some smashers. Next month I play some gigs. Next year I’ll get famous! In 10 years I hope to be busy touring and enhancing lives through the medium of dance and music.


If I wouldn’t be nightclubbing, I would be cooking food. If I was a car, I would be a VW camper. If I was an animal, I would be a Cat duuuuur. If I was a drug, I would be Cocaine. If I was an invention, I would be a Hoover (of cocaine). If I was an object, I would be a mirror. If I could date myself, I would get super fat. If I could play with anyone it would be DJ Harvey. I would like to collaborate with Mim Suleiman. If I had only one wish, it would be the power of teleportation.


Our word of advice to the reader would be to ‘YOLO’.

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