LSD FAZE TIME: Loki Starfish

Loki Starfish
is an independent group from the Parisian scene who is known from his first album to mark the difference between his musical maturity and the multiplicity of its registers.

After releasing in June 20, 2011, “Love-Like Banners” a critically acclaimed album (France Inter, Trax, Radio Nova, Wavelength, Open Mag ..) .

Loki Starfish chained the dates on the Parisian scenes ( the International Fuel, Barbara Centre, Bus Palladium, the Divan du monde, …) in February 2012 and released an EP titled “Silence Evidence” consists of unreleased track “Out of Limbs and Brine”, both Twilight and abundant, and no less than 4 remixes.

Believe in now signed Loki Starfish gives life to a new Ep “A Season For Weepers” with two unreleased tracks and 3 remixes and leaving already foresee a new era in the artistic group. Including the slow atmospheric as timeless “The truth and such” or cabaret waltz so disjointed “Sergeant”.
This includes among other things a remix Pom Pom Boy, Dj evenings Cockorico Paris resident, or the Collective Myself is Dead Crocodile.
“A Season For Weepers” is also the new video directed by Loki Starfish Fanadeep.


My name is Jérémie. I was born in Nice and grew up in Nice and Antibes. When I was a child my idol was Ray Harry Hausen, because he created such beautiful and poetic monsters. When I was a teenager, I started playing in some crap punk bands. It was when I realised that music was what I lived for and decided to be part of a band.

Since then I took part in different projects. But mainly there’s been LâoH a band from Nice that in which I played for 7 years, with M83’s featuring that you can listen here : LâoH featuring M83 / Within Star Cellsand and now Loki Starfish.

One of my best gigs I played was Le Divan du Monde. It was so much fun since the show was pretty intense and it was on my birthday and gay-pride day.

One of the best gigs I have been to was the Editors at L’Olympia. I loved the whole show and the energy those guys give off.


Now I live in Paris with a roommate. In my house you can find also a cat and my refrigerator is usually full with organic food.

I enjoy being naked and do it a lot. I  can spend hours doing music.

One of my favorite place to visit is Paris, because you always find secret and amazing places to aim at.
On weekdays I work on my project and on weekends I usually work on my project and try to rest sometimes.
My favorite song at the moment is In the Fall by Future Island
A film I watched lately and really liked was Ju Dou by Zhang Yimou.
The last series I watched and loved was ” In Treatment ” (years ago) .
I am very inspired by human beings and their surroundings.
I love creating intimacy with someone and hate any act of violence.
I am addicted to Art, I just can’t stop being confronted to it.
I get totally fucked up, when I drink wine. The day after, I need to eat rice and drink a lot of water.

Local Suicide reminds me of an internal suicide like an implosion or a heart that intentionally stops.


Tomorrow I will work and watch some movies. Next month I’ll be working mainly on our next album.

Next year will be the release of our next album and touring I guess. In 10 years I hope I’ve grown wiser and stronger and being way happier than today.


If I wasn’t a boy, I would be a girl.
If my life was a Hollywood movie, no one would have the main role, because we’re all part of this universe (Sounds cheesy, doesn’t it ?).
If I could have sex with anyone, it would be everyone.
If I was a car, I would be a Fuego since I don’t give a fuck about those silly objects.
If I was an animal, I would be a Maki catta or a cat.
If I was a drug I would be coffee.
If I was an invention, I would be a machine to Heal any kind of diseases.
If I was an object, I would be a Synthesiser.
I guess, if I could date myself, I would be fine with that.
If I could play with anyone it would be Wild beasts. I would like to collaborate with The Knife, or Xiu Xiu.
If I had only one wish, it would be to have 500 other wishes. I would never wish the death of someone I hate because it would make the person live longer.

A Dark Pop and Cybernetic, which takes shape in the electric and disturbing aesthetic of the clip ” A season for Wheepers ” to watch here : 

A Season For Weepers – Loki Starfish from Fanadeep on Vimeo.

From the EP A Season For Weepers available here!
Written and directed by Mr X and Mr J for Fanadeep

Because undeniable Another feature of the project, the band decide to image all the 15 tracks with 12 different directors.
A DVD entitled “Persistence of Vision from Love-Like Banners” will be released in December 2012. It will bring together all the clips and also a CD of remixes and unreleased (unreleased compilation of two EPs)

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