LSD FAZE TIME: Luca Bacchetti

Hailing from the beautiful hills of Tuscany, residing at the moment in exciting Barcelona and djing in some of the best clubs all over the planet, Luca Bacchetti is a citizen of the world.

Numerous productions and remixes released on respected labels like Wagon Repair, Ovum Recordings, Crosstown Rebels, Defected, Supernature and his label Endless make him stand out.

Find out more about him below!


My name is Luca Bacchetti but you might know me as Luca Bacchetti. I was born in Castelnuovo Di Garfagnana (Italy) and grew up in Pieve Fosciana (Italy). When I was a child my idol was Niki Lauda, because he was the best driver ever.. When  I was 18, I started djing. It was then when I realised that it was a perfect job for me and decided to be a radio speaker. Since then I always followed my passion.

One of my best gigs I played was Panorama Bar. It was so much fun to play with Mayer Sound soundsystem and real vinyls..


Now I live in Barcelona with my girlfriend. In my house you can find a lot of music and my refrigerator is usually full with fruits and yogurt.. I enjoy walking around my city and during my tours I miss it a lot. I can spend hours taking pictures with my camera. One of my favorite places to visit is Park Guel, because I feel like a kid.

On weekdays I usually work in my Barcelona studio and on weekends I usually play around the globe.

My favorite song at the moment is “Desafinado” by Antonio Jobim. A film I watched lately and really liked was Dark Shadows by Tim Burton. The last series I watched and loved was MAGNUM P.I..

I am very inspired by traveling. My dream is to be free.. My worst nightmare is playing a vinyl… Oh my God!! it’s the end!!.

I love true people and hate super ego personalities.

I am addicted to good bass lines, I just cannot stop dreaming.

I get totally fucked up, when I drink too much (3 drinks!!). The next day I need to forget what’s happened..

Local Suicide reminds me of my mother’s questions..


Tomorrow I flight back home, 9 hours flight! Next month I launch my own label ENDLESS. Next year I have lot of music coming out. In 10 years I hope to be always free like today..


If I wasn’t a DJ producer, I would be a architect or designer.

If my life was a Hollywood movie,  it could be “The Beach”, I would have the main role, because I’m much better than Di Caprio!! If I could have sex with anyone, it would be a big problem for them…

If I was a car, I would be a MINI cooper.. If I was an animal, I would be a Dolphin.. If I was a drug I would be adrenaline.. If I was an invention, I would be an Airplane.. If I was an object, I would be a comfortable bed. . If I could date myself, I would be part of a Nasa mission.

If I could play with anyone it would be Laurent Garnier or Dixon.. I would like to collaborate with Sade.

If I had only one wish, it would be always happy.

I would never stop feeling good vibes around me, because art saves the world and my life too..


My word of advice to the reader would be to be yourself and follow the little voice….

Watch this amazing video and let Luca take you through the streets of Barcelona, the night and his studio.

Listen to his debut on his label Endless called “El Maravilloso Mundo De Xilitla“:


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