Made in Sane are based in beautiful Bergen in Norway. It might be a small city, but it is the home of many talented musicians such as Edvard Grieg and Röyksopp. They released their debut EP “Flying Circuits” on one of our favorite labels Eskimo Recordings and were featured on its Pink Collection. Find out more about the talented young duo and listen to their addictive disco tunes.


Our names are Johannes Hallanger and Magnus Lauritzen but you might know us as Made In Sane (or, together with the vocalist Kristiane, as Atella).

We were born in Oslo and Lofoten (Islands) and grew up in Tønsberg and Lofoten.

In our childhood our idols were Transformers and Jean-Michel Jarre, because of their use of electronic devices fascinated our young minds.

We met in a piggy back race in 2009 at in the middle of the woods of Hedmark and we came in second! :D. In the summer of 2011 we decided to collaborate and we started working on music what now is known under the names Made In Sane and Atella. Since then we have discovered the importance of mindfulness.

One of the best gigs we played was …well our first gig as Made In Sane is coming up 1st February. It was so much fun when we got our first booking and when we got the news, we screamed: “YEEEEEY!” in a two-part harmony. One of the best gigs we have been to was Susanne Sundfør at Ole Bulls Scene in Bergen 2012. We loved the contrast between her shy nature and her powerful voice.


Now we live in Bergen, Norway together with our analog synthesizers and its flying circuits. We meet every day and we have been mistaken for being the real life Dupont & Dupond.

We sometimes argue when we have a serious discussion on very important matters such as decreasing -3db or -4db to make the cowbell sound right in the mix, but then we realize that -3,5db sounds perfect.

We enjoy good organic food and eat at restaurants a lot. We can spend hours tweaking the details to make it sound just about right for the mix. On weekdays we spend much time in our studio and on weekends we usually checking out what the local artists are playing in Bergen.

Our favorite songs at the moment are David Bowie – Love Is Lost (Hello Steve Reich Mix by James Murphy for the DFA) and Bjørn Torske’s Møljekalas. Some films we watched lately and liked was Blade Runner. The last series we watched and loved was Homeland.

We are very inspired by local artists and our fantastic nature that surrounds us. Our dream is to travel the world with our music. Our worst nightmare is Paris Hilton DJing in a Teletubbie costume. We get totally fucked up, when we have “illogical” technical issues with our equipments.

Local Suicide reminds us of a professional and interesting music blog.


Tomorrow we probably will release a new free remix via our Soundcloud :). Next month we are moving in at our new studio! Next year we are still making great, new music. In 10 years we hope that we have been assigned to produce the next James Bond theme song.


If we weren’t musicians, we would be living strange lives dressed as stormtroopers. If our lives were a Hollywood movie, an easily frightened Jackie Chan and an always late Harrison Ford would have the main roles, because that sounds like the real us mixed with our childhood movie star heroes.. If we were a car, we would be a Flying Taxi (from The Fifth Element). If we were an animal, we would be an Aracuan bird. If we were a drug, we would be NZT-48. If we could date ourselves, we would probably be schizophrenic.

We would like to collaborate with Edvard Grieg. If we had only one wish, it would be to discover life on another planet.


Our word of advice to the reader would be Good planets are hard to find!


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