LSD Faze Time: Middle Sky Boom & Eliezer


Middle Sky Boom & Eliezer landed on Days Of Being Wild earlier this month with their EP With Screening. The Tel Aviv duo had appeared together previously on releases from Eskimo and Night Noise Music but With Screening is their first full EP together.

Propelling itself down the disco noir meets new wave path, the EP is kicked into life by a strong vocoder led title track and from them on the chug is real. A remix by italo titans Daniele Baldelli and DJ Roca nicely round the EP off.

In order to celebrate their release, we’ve asked them both to slip into the LSD Faze Time chair. Press play and get reading.


Our names are Josef and Eliezer but you might know us as MiddleSkyBoom & Eliezer.
We were born in Israel and grew up in Jerusalem and Akko.
In our childhood our idols were Ian Dury/Curtis, because it’s easy to be inspired for unknown use.

We met in 2013? at short memory and forgot. In Tel-Aviv we decided to create a combination of 2 generations and see where it ends. Since then we released some music on labels we love.

One of the best gigs we played was in NYC 2 months ago with Joan Maclean. It was so much fun and dangerous. One of the best gigs we have been to was at the breakfast club. We loved the paramedics.


Now we live in Tel-Aviv with A girl / Wife. We meet every 2nd day and kiss.

We sometimes argue when Eliezer get’s deep into his phone, but then Josef does the same.
We enjoy producing when sober and visiting out this new place “The Piano House” a lot. We can spend hours in the studio when everything comes together. One of our favorite places to visit is New York, because it’s almost home.

On weekdays we plan out weekends and on weekends we usually accomplish our plans from the weekdays.

Our favorite songs at the moment are Leon Thomas – Song For My Father and Happy Mondays – Kinky Afro.

Some films we watched lately and liked were Eating Your Feelings (By Cookie Moon) and The Danish Girl.

The last series we watched and loved were The Eric Andre Show and Narcos.

We are very inspired by the weather, it means a lot to us. Our dream is to never stop dreaming, accomplishing your dream is not all fun. Our worst nightmare is to die in a bathroom and to lose our hearing.

We love developing and hate wasting our time.

We are addicted to all of it, we just cannot stop mmmm……

We get totally fucked up, when we mix the forbidden 2. Local Suicide reminds us of good friends we meet in Tel aviv once a year :-).


Tomorrow we work on some vituals for this EP “With Screening”.
Next month we put them out.
Next year = full length Album / Live.
In 10 years we hope to do the same, on a different scale.


If we weren’t what we are, we would be a static version of what we fear from.
If our lives were a Hollywood movie, maybe yes? and maybe yes? would have the main roles, because extras, only extras.
If we were a car, we would be a no passion for cars. Sorry.
If we were an animal, we would be a just saw some beavers on Youtube, they are crazy. So are Zebras.

If we were a drug, we would be magic M’s. Safe.
If we were an invention, we would be come on….
If we were an object, we would be a pencil.
If we could date ourselves, we would be accused with murder.

If we could play with anyone it would be Kiera Knightley.
We would like to collaborate with Todd Terje actually.

If we had only one wish, it would be to play with Kiera Knightley and collab with Todd.
We would never say no, because it’s a negative approach.


Our word of advice to the reader would be to never puke while coughing.


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