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We welcome for our LSD FAZE TIME an intrinsic part of the French, and indeed global, dance music culture. POPOF was voted in 2009 as ‘Best Newcomer’ artist at the Ibiza DJ Awards and in 2013 appointed official mentor of the Paris Techno Parade, as a “historical actor and witness of the techno scene in France”. He has done remixes for the top of the crop: Depeche Mode, Chemical Brothers, Moby, Booka Shade, Vitalic, Tiga, Maetrik to name a few and has released on leading labels sich as Turbo, Hot Creations, Cocoon, while running his own imprint Form Music and playing in all four corners of the world.


My name is Alex Paounov but you might know me as POPOF. I was born in 1977 and grew up in Paris. When I was a child my idol was Public Enemy, because I was listening hip hop and it was really good. When I was 15, I started to listen electronic music. It was then when I realised that I loved it and decided to compose it by myself. Since then I have released a lot of tracks. One of my best gigs I played was in Paris. It was so much fun to have all of my friends with me and we finished drunk.
One of the best gigs I have been to was in Argentina. I loved how people are connected to the music.


Now I live in Paris with myself. In my house you can find chocolate and my refrigerator is usually full with vodka. I enjoy cinema and food a lot. I can spend hours in my studio. One of my favourite places to visit is le marais, because this is the real Paris.
On weekdays I compose music and on weekends I usually play music.
My favourite song at the moment is Julian Jeweil​’s remix of ​Moby ‘Porcelain’. A film I watched lately and really liked was collateral beauty.
I am very inspired by jazz, funk and soul music. My dream is to see aurora borealis. My worst nightmare is stop doing music.
I love dogs and hate discrimination. I am addicted to my kid​. ​
I get totally fucked up, when I party with friends. The next day I need to eat pizza.
Local Suicide reminds me of eating pizza.


Tomorrow I studio. Next month too far away. Next year maybe going to live to Barcelona. In 10 years I hope ​I’​ll still be there.


If I wasn’t a dj, I would be a dealer.
If my life was a Hollywood movie, gatsby would have the main role, because i deserve it. If I could have sex with anyone, it would be Scarlet Johansson.
If I was a car, I would be an Audi. If I was an animal, I would be a lion. If I was a drug I would be LSD. If I was an invention, I would be internet. If I was an object, I would be my phone. If I could date myself, I 
wouldn’t​ do it.
If I could play with anyone it would be anyone. I would like to collaborate with a lot of artists.
If I had only one wish, it would be: i wont tell you. I would never change my life, because I love it!


My word of advice to the reader would be to do music with passion.


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