LSD FAZE TIME: Richard Rossa


As a key person in the scandinavian disco/nu-disco scene Richard Rossa deejayed or performed live in all major venues & festivals in europe & abroad, besides running his own digilabel TomTomDisco, organising parties and delivering the dance-floor hits on labels like Gomma and Pizzico for the most influential figures in the scene like Bottin, Punks Jump Up, Golden Bug, Arnaud Rebotini, In Flagranti, Rodion, Pete Herbert, etc..

Don’t miss to catch him at our party (TBA) on dec 13th to check out his awesome mixture of fresh & home made edits along Analog Disco, Krautbeats, Cold Nordic Techno and Funky 808 House mashed with samples from everything in between Vietnamese Boogie and Swedish Psychadelic 70s Rock.  Please find our LSD FAZE TIME with him below.


My name is Richard but you might know me as Richard Rossa. I was born in Sweden. When I was a child my idol was I had different idols every week, because i was probably easilly impressed. When I was 22-ish, I started my first DJ recidency. It was then when I realised that i was killin it! And decided to go for it. Since then I moved to Barcelona and worked as a DJ, released remixes and my own tracks on major labels (Gomma, Disotexas, Pizzico Rec), started my own label Tom Tom Disco, and been DJing every week ever since.
One of my best gigs I played was Countless. But I played with Danger (FR) in Stockholm once and that one gig just turned out fantastic. I keep on falling back to that gig whenever i try to remind the best one. The response from the audience that night was just amazing. Later, when Danger went on after me, half of the crowd just left. He is an great performer but i had already left the crowd too sweaty and exhausted too give it away one more time. However it turned out great for him later on as well.

Some of the best gigs I have been to were when I booked artists like In Flagranti, Rodion, Bottin, Golden Bug, Blackstrobe, Headman, Publicist (and many more) to my clubnights in Stockholm and their performances are just unforgetable. Like Rodion live at Tom Tom Disco in 2011 was amazing. Avanti performing live at Tom Tom Disco 2013. I loved the whole experience. Being able to hang out for a while, eat and have a few drinks together before the shows is really nice and inspiring. They are all fantastic people and im really blessed to have met them.


Now I live in Stockholm. In my house you can find Synthezisers, and the stuff i need to make music and survive. Part from the necessities i got some japanese vintage toy robots and vinyl figures, but that´s mandatory in a disco studio. I keep my inventory to a minimum. Consumption stresses me out so i basically stick to what i need to survive. Clothes, records, and music hardware. Thats all, really. My refrigerator is usually full with Batteries. I enjoy Everything evolves around Music for me really. But besides from that – Riding my bike. Also watching and read up on different aircrafts. Im a big fan of Aviation. I also have a thing for flags, i need to learn them all. and a lot. I can spend hours producing, finding new music and walking through record shops. Thats it! Unfortunatly i am way to restless spending hours on other activities. One of my favorite places to visit is South East Asia. I am heading back to Vietam and Cambodia in December and cant wait for it. Rough and easy going is is how i love it. Besides from that – Berghain. Thats a paradise! I could just live there. In one of their darkrooms. Occationly i will get dressed, have something to eat, then just drop my clothes and head right back.

On weekdays I mainly work on stuff for my label. A lot of emailing. Trying to write down my ideas for the future. Try to have the guts and confidence to get them done. Make music. Then i listen to and buy a lot of new tracks to compile, play, edit and chart. Usually i forget to eat, so when i leave my home studio i am all faint and nauseous. Quite often it feels like i need more than 24hrs a day to manage everything. I recently got really inspired by my friend, the producer Disco-Tech, which i also got a weekly residency with in a place called Orangeriet in Stockholm. He makes loads of amazing edits and I am spending a lot of time of thinking on how to work good edits as well. Im new in that business and it has really lit a spark inside me.
On weekends I usually DJ and trying out new tracks on the clubs. I also do sets at some bars and restaurants where i go more 60s soul, funk, calypso, dub, oriented. I always got the guts to drop some hits so make the crowd shake their butts.
My favorite song at the moment is My all time fav is Dinosaur – Kiss Me Again. Words cant describe it. A film I watched lately and really liked was NONE! I’m too restless for movies, i just watch documentaries. At least two a day. One in the morning, while having breakfast coffee, and usually more than one before be.
 The last series I watched and loved was Adventure Time.
I am very inspired by the artists i meet in my line of work. Also recognition. If someone likes what i have done or am doing. Thats the most inspiring thing ever. But whenever i think of Arthur Russel, Can, In Flagranti, DFA records, Ron Hardy, Sun-Ra, and all that i get really really excited!


Tomorrow I will do my best. Next month my label has some fantastic releases coming up! One is a new project from Reinhard, the banjo & string player from DAS POP, and Mo from The Glimmers. They have recorded some incredible cool disco together and im so excited about being the one releasing their stuff. I am also releasing two edits i made, release date is 26th and is called Tom Tom Edits Vol.1. I hope to follow it up with more volumes. I also got a project involving old Cambodian music. Can´t tell to much about this right now but you´ll definatly here more about this later on.
Next year – more gigs, more music. In 10 years I hope I work with sound editing and layering for documentaries and animation.


If I was a car, I would be a cheap car, or probably a bus, packed with transvestites and with a monthly disco party in the back.

I would like to collaborate with Bass players. Always. Man, They´re crucial in the disco bussiness.

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