LSD FAZE TIME: Signal Deluxe

Signal Deluxe
is a multi talented dj and producer duo from Mexico. They met in 2005 and since then they have been releasing music on respected labels, such as persona, revolver, brouqade, eintakt, fade, thougthless, dialtone and many others, djing all over the continent and co-running Blaq Recs. They are known for their deep, dark sound and wide and eclectic taste. Find out more about them and listen to the exclusive podcast for LSD and their latest release “Methal“.


Our names are Valeria Rueda aka Lila D and Jeronimo Puente aka Jerga but you might know us as Signal Deluxe / Blaq Records. We were born in Mexico city and grew up in Mexico city / Los Angeles / Montreal. In our childhood our idols were David Bowie / Depeche Mode / Cabaret Voltaire / NIN, because of their obscure and spaced out sounds.

We met in a party while sharing the decks at a small club outside the city and we really liked each other’s style. So we decided to do some gigs together and started playing around Mexico. Since then we have released a bunch of music and played all over Europe.

One of the best gigs we played was at Fusion Festival in Germany. It was so much fun to play live at one of our favorite festivals in Europe and we have played more times there. One of the best gigs we have been to was Nitzer Ebb Mexico 2010.


Now we live in Mexico City with our dogs Dub & Lee. We meet every day to make music and to run our labels.

We enjoy playing bass and guitar and we jam a lot. We can spend hours fucking around with the blues. One of our favorite places to visit is Tepoztlan, because of the mountains and the magic in the air.

On weekdays we are basically in the studio all day and Jerga also teaches at SAE and on weekends we usually play at clubs and festivals or make music in our studio.

Our favorite songs at the moment are Kehaar by Valet / ADMX-71 – Second System. Some films we watched lately and liked was Tom Dowd and the language of music. We are very inspired by Munir Bashir.

Our dream is to see human kind evolve back into nature. Our worst nightmare is crap music all over the radio and clubs..We love many different styles of music and hate the damage being done to the planet in the name of money. We are addicted to music and sound, we just cannot stop making music and experimenting with new ideas.

Local Suicide reminds us of why music and art are about community and sharing.


Tomorrow we keep on working on our 4th album. Next month we do a lot gigs and keep on working on our 4th album. Next year lots of good things are happening for our music. In 10 years we hope to still be enjoying this as much as we do.


If we weren’t making music, we would be making films or books. If we were a car, we would be a skateboard and a bike :P. If we were an animal, we would be a manta ray and an octopus. If we were a drug, we would be magic mushrooms. If we were an invention, we would be a turntable. If we were an object, we would be a Vermona analog drum machine.

If we could play with anyone it would be Adam X. We would like to collaborate with Adam X.

If we had only one wish, it would be Stop the war! We would never Sell out, because we believe in the underground!


Our word of advice to the reader would be to Fight for your right to party!


Listen to the exclusive podcast they made for us:

Their stellar release “Methal” out on Thirteen Moons Recordings:

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