Tailor Jae wants to challenge the world with her bass heavy sets. Whether she’s dropping garage, grime or hip hop the 25 year old self taught DJ is always up for taking the road less travelled. “I can’t restrict myself to a genre,” she says “if I find a track and I can vibe to it, I will incorporate it in my sets.” Her ability to switch genres at speed and still take audiences through a cohesive journey is what makes Tailor Jae essential to the DJ industry.

Hearing people react to her music selections at house parties, the east Londoner got the taste for djing and has spent countless hours plugging away at her skills in her bedroom. “I am no overnight sensation,” she explains,”this is an ongoing learning process for me and I’ll continue to work hard.”

After moving to university she landed her first gig at Coventry Nightclub Kasbah and it was during these years that Tailor Jae really honed her eccentric bass sound, since going on to play at popular venues such as The Nest, London and Birmingham’s Lab 11, also winning approval from Mixmag and Coors Light having been crowned their 2017 ‘DJ Quest’ winner – beating more than 2000 other DJs to the title. Tailor Jae has also had guest mix features on both Rinse FM and Radar Radio, as well as previously holding down a bi-weekly show on Reprezent Radio.

Tailor Jae is definitely a DJ with a bright future.
Read on to see what he had to say for himself in our LSD FAZE TIME feature…


My name Taylor Jae and I am DJ from East London and have lived there my entire life. When I was younger the main music I was exposed to was reggae, gospel and pop vibes. My dad owns a lot of reggae cd’s and vinyl; Bob Marley, Vivian Jones and others.

When I was around 8 years old my mum wanted me to learn the piano, I used to fake being ill because I found it quite boring plus the teacher used to smell funny. I regret that, I wish I did learn.


Currently I’m still in East London living with my family. I have 4 other siblings who each have a varied taste in music so in my house there’s pretty much a mini rave going on in each room, my friends always comment on how lively my house is, it’s good fun.

My brother’s (J Ezza, Jus Jermaine)  produce and make music so there are a lot of musical influences in my house. During the week I spend most of my time looking for new music, researching new artist, or practicing my djing, I rarely deviate from this routine, I guess I’m quite boring in that sense, but it brings me great joy finding an undiscovered producer or track, I get a real buzz.

When I’m not indulged in something music related, I tend to chill out by watching re-runs of The Bill it was one of my favourite shows, that’s how fun I am haha. I’m a simple being. One of my favourite tracks at the moment is Affiliate ft Dakota Sixx – Breathe it’s a beautiful track, always makes me shed a tear.

My dream is to keep dreaming, I never wanna stop dreaming, once that happens you have nothing to live for. My worst nightmare would to be for my MacBook to crash, it has my whole life on it.  I love music, food and laughing and I hate snow, snow is very pointless.


Tomorrow, I will probably eat something I shouldn’t, something with lots of sugar! Next month I hope I’ll be somewhere warm, it’s freezing in London, Next year I’ll be at a few festivals, abroad playing the best music you’ve ever heard, probably somewhere in Miami. In ten years time I’ll be ten years older than I am now.


If I wasn’t a woman I’d be a cat, cats are super cute, if my life was a Hollywood movie Temeka Epson would be the main role because she’s so funny, it would be a bundle of laughs, just like me. If I was a car I’d be an Audi of some sort, I know nothing about cars. If I was an invention I’d be an automatic donut maker, mmm donuts. If I was an animal again I’d be a cat, cat’s are too cool. If I was a drug, I’d be cannabis, it’s good for your health in its pure state, don’t let the government fool you. If i was an object I’d be a cup, always full. If I could date myself I would but that’d be selfish, someone else deserves to bask in my awesomeness.


My word of advice to the reader’s would be to show love at all times, love is free and the world needs more of it.

The nationwide contest saw over 2000 entries with 3 winners.
Mixmag chose the three winners from live sets: part of the prize was to play The Lab LDN.

Coors Light DJ Quest winner 2017: Tailor Jae, here is her set to see and listen:

Tailor Jae Social media : Facebook . Twitter . Soundcloud

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