LSD FAZE TIME: The Gemini Bros


Bucharest based Producer & DJ brothers Ionut and Razvan aka The Gemini Brothers are around for quite some time now, playing and producing their unique style of acid disco, jazzy house, deep house and funk. For their releases on labels like ISM Records (Michelle Minetti, Spektrum, Odyssey. Finn Peters), NO MORE HITS (Nicholas, Daniel Solar, LTJ) and remixes for Chudy, Buzz Compass, Raoul Russu or Timewarp the duo already got love by the likes of Bottin, Pete Herbert, Inflagranti, Dada Disco, Dynamicron, Dj Rocca, Robert Owens. Read our interview with them below and check out their latest releases on the bottom of this page.


Our names are Ionut (the small twin) and Razvan (the big brother twin) but you might know us as The Gemini Bros aka Gemini Brothers or The G Brothers.
We were born in Constanta
and grew up in the same city where we’re born.
In our childhood our idols were (this is a tough question) from Michael Jackson, Queen, Depeche Mode to Guns‘n‘Roses or Pink Floyd, to Vivaldi and Bach,
Because this is what our parents listen in that period (mid 80s) and all were records bought underhand from outside Romania.
We met in our mom’s belly as we are twins! Most of our friends tell us that we are identical twins, but we believe them only 99%.
In mid-2012, after several years of playing records, and collaborating with some obscure bands for different small parts in their productions we decided to start producing our own tracks, creating our own sounds and develop our own music studio.
Since then we realized that music production is very important for us, beside the spinning records side, and we have to work hard to achieve the sounds we want and experience different styles of music.
One of the best gigs we played was Ministry of Sound in London.
One of the best gigs we have been to was when the big guys like Marco Carola, Richie Hawtin, Josh Wink or Luciano came for their first visits in Romania.
We loved the relaxed atmosphere where everybody came only for music and artist and the sounds were quite different from what is now.


Now we live in Bucharest with our families, cats, dogs, neighbors…We meet every week and we concentrate to our new projects, produce, and order and spin new records, record new material with our good musicians’ friends.
We sometimes argue when the sounds are not exactly as what we have them in our brains but then we always end it up by cutting, chopping, sampling old/new things and everything comes in the right place, which is, of course, agreed by the both parts.
We enjoy, no, no, we love doing what we do, feeling that we spread our positive thoughts and feelings to the people around
and we will never end it, because it’s like a bless, making everybody to feel so good with your music.
We can spend hours experimenting new sounds, new features on music software or adding new cool stuff in our tracks, or listening a lot of new stuff on soundcloud, ordering new records.
One of our favorite places to visit is London, because is a different atmosphere, you can find different types of music around and there is always crowd for everything.
On weekdays we mostly work on new ideas or continuing our projects, and on weekends we usually catch up in the studio or traveling around if we play gigs somewhere.
Our favorite songs at the moment are Ionut: Mumford and Sons – Roll away your stone, Razvan: Craig Bratley – Birdshell (Burnt Island Casuals Mix).
Some films we watched lately and liked were Three days of the Condor with Robert Redford.
We are very inspired by drum machines, synths, ableton, effects, moog, korg, dj Harvey, Sir Andrew Watherall, Monsieur Ivan Smagghe, Ewan Pearson, Boiler Room and the list goes deeper and deeper.
Our dream is to travel around the world with music as producers/DJs.
We love winter and hate power outages.
We are addicted to our laptops we just cannot stop producing wired acid stuff.
We get totally fucked up when we meet incompetence in this business and commercial shit music requests.
Local Suicide reminds us of professionals, addicted, respected, open-mind music lovers.


Tomorrow we start the arrangement of a new idea, some acid stuff to follow.
Next month we will be at ADE in Amsterdam to have fun around.
Next year we will have maybe more fans, more music shared, new releases launched and of course more gigs.
In 10 years we hope to see the world for the third-forth time already.


If we weren’t twins/musicians, we would be brothers for sure/ engineers or sailors.
If our lives were a Hollywood movie, Batman and Superman would have the main roles, because they fight for the right cause.
If we were a car, we would be a Mazda MX5 or a Lexus HS 250h.
If we were an animal, we would be a dolphin.
If we were a drug ,we would be black Indian tea.
If we were an invention, we would be a turbo Jet engine (Henri Coanda – a Romanian engineer invented it).
If we could play with anyone it would be DJ Harvey.
We would like to collaborate with Todd Terje, Ivan Smegghe, Andrew Weatherall.
If we had only one wish, it would be healthy life for us and for all our families.
We would never cheat anybody and selling dreams, because it is very dirty and degrading.
Our word of advice to the reader would be to take care about our planet.

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