Tom Hades started making music with long-time friend Marco Bailey, with whom he also had his first releases on labels such as Drumcode and Sleaze Records. For Hades, Techno always was, and still is, the only way to express his musical vision, with his tracks having a strong emphasis on straightforward baselines and unforgettable melodies . The focus on any of his tracks is strong percussion, which brings a fresh vibe to the end product, saturating his audience and fellow producer and DJ colleagues alike. Behind the decks, Tom focuses on tempo and strong melodies and his sets combine classic productions, which he showcases in his weekly classic Sunday picks, alongside more current ones. Read on to see what he had to say for himself in our LSD FAZE TIME feature…


My name is Wim Vanoeveren, but you might know me as Tom Hades. I was born in Oplinter, a small village near Tienen and grew up in Tienen. When I was a child my idol was Simple Minds because I simply loved their music! When I was 13 I started to experiment with music tracker software. It was then when I realised that I had a big passion for electronic music and decided to go out more to electronic parties, like New Wave and New Beat. Since then I have become even more connected to that music and have eventually arrived at techno clubs.

One of my best gigs I have played was the one in Japan, in Liquid Room. It was so much fun I wished it would never end and I could keep playing music for that crazy and fantastic Japanese crowd! One of the best gigs I have been to was my very first ‘I Love Techno’.


Now I live in Ezemaal with lots of birds around me. In my house you can find a minimalistic feel with a warm character and my refrigerator is usually full of lots of things but mostly vegetables. I enjoy going for walks near my place, as it is super quiet and relaxing. I also read a lot of books regarding music and technology. I can spend hours in my studio experimenting with new things. One of my favourite places to visit is the Belgian coast because it reminds me of my childhood; it still has that charm I’ve always known. On weekdays I work a regular job in IT, as a CIO and on weekends I just flip the switch and travel all around the world, bringing some new techno bangers.  My favourite song right now is Laval – The Emotion Machine. A film I watched lately and really liked was Dunkirk. The last series I watched and loved was Icarus. I am very inspired by surround noises. My dream is to live on a small island with a nice studio and some quality local food. My worst nightmare is getting really sick. I love to cook. I hate doing the dishes. I am addicted to producing. I just cannot stop experimenting with software and hardware components in my studio. I get totally fucked up when people are running late, and they don’t let me know. The next day I always listen back to several things I started or finished in the studio. Local Suicide reminds me of making sure I understood the blanks!


Tomorrow I will prepare my set for the weekend. Next month I will do the same and be touring somewhere in our nice world, meeting new people and cultures. Next year I hope I will still be healthy and following the same path of the last 20 years. In 10 years I really hope that my health stays perfect and that I might be inspiring newer generations.


If I wasn’t a producer…

I would be a cook.

Be sure to catch Tom Hades on one of the following German dates:

10.05.2018 Heaven Can Wait Festival, Beverungen, Germany

31.05.2018 Hip Island Festival, Heilbronn, German

11.08.2018 Douala Club, Ravensburg, Germany 

01.09.2018 Bogen 2, Cologne, Germany

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