LSD FAZE TIME: Tristesse Contemporaine

: Leo Hellden, Narumi Herisson and Maik.

It’s always been about the bass.
They will always have that fantastic feeling inside them of hearing that bass getting louder and louder as they are carried closer and closer to the heart of their favourite dance floor.
They will always have in their minds that bass line of that rock song that will stay with them for all their lives, Peter Hook, Simon Gallup, Mani…You name it.
Tristesse Contemporaine is glued together by three adopted Parisians, a Japanese girl and two guys, one British, one Swedish.
Raw, desperate and hypnotic energy engulfed by memories of Shoegazer and Krautrock.
The trio flirt in the shadows of Suicide with catchy melodies and synth-pop, held together by that androgynous voice, suspended on the razor’s edge of that beautiful vintage bass.

Romantic and flamboyant, arrogant and haunting, their first album imagines a world in chiaroscuro, where the electrical illuminations of shoegazing merge with electronic beats, with a heightened new wave sensitivity.
Climb to the dark side of modern pop as you enter the fractured, hypnotic, dance of Tristesse Contemporaine.

Please find our LSD FAZE TIME with them below.


My name is Tristesse Contemporaine. I was born in Paris and grew up in the suburbs. When I was a child my idol was Alan Vega, because he used his microphone like a whip. When I was 16, I started to play concerts. It was then when I realised that i had stagefright and decided to wear a mask. Since then I feel better. One of my best gigs I played was Olympia. It was so much fun to be there and to open for Pulp.


Now I live in Paris with all my Parisian friends. In my house you can find vinyl records and my refrigerator is usually full with tomatoes. I enjoy making mixtapes and listening back to them a lot. I can spend hours doing this. One of my favorite places to visit is my bedroom, because it’s warm. On weekdays I go to the studio and on weekends I usually drink red wine. My favorite song at the moment is The best of Toto. A film I watched lately and really liked was Cars. The last series I watched and loved was Homeland. I am very inspired by Nico. I love her voice and hate Alain Delon. I am addicted to Heroin, I just cannot stop it.
I get totally fucked up, when I run. The next day I need to rest.

Local Suicide reminds me of Berghain.


Tomorrow I work. Next month I sleep. Next year I’m going to Mexico. In 10 years I hope I’m going to Mars.


My word of advice to the reader would be to respect our decadence :).


Tristesse Contemporaine’s new EP “Fire” is available now (Special Vinyl Edition on Record Makers shop)   w/ remixes from Kasper Bjørke, Daniel Maloso, Hypnolove, Clément ASWF! You can stream it here:

In case you missed the video for “Fire” . Watch it on vimeo if you are in Germany or on youtube:

An special gift for our readers, Mixtape by Tristesse Contemporaine for Obsession to stream here:

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