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You probably have heard of the duo Tube & Berger, listened to their tunes or seen them play. And most probably got enchanted by their sound. What you probably don’t know though is how this all started. The two boys were born in a small industrial city called Solingen in Germany, where there is not much to do in your free time, but explore the music world. They played in punk bands, started djing house and techno and producing and had their breakthrough in 2004 with the song „Straight Ahead“ featuring Chrissie Hynde. Since then they have been releasing crazy music and playing cool gigs in the whole world.


Our names are Arndt Roerig and Marko Vidovic but you might know us as Tube & Berger.
We were born in the north west of Germany and grew up in a grey little town called Solingen.
In our childhood our idols were Darth Vader and Goofy, because they are sexy and cool!
We met in the school bus and wanted to beat the shit out of each other. In the early 90ies we decided to make music  and gave a shit on the system. Since then we make music.

One of the best gigs we played was at Cocoon / Frankfurt. It was so much fun because Babba Väth came around and said: Gude Laune Alder! One of the best gigs we have been to was at Mayday 2011. We loved the crowd and they loved us.


Now we live in Solingen with our dogs. We meet every fxxxing day and work work work.
We sometimes argue when there’s something to argue about, but then we focus on boozing.
We enjoy boozing and smoke weed a lot. We can spend hours on smoking weed. One of our favorite places to visit is Egypt, because you can go diving there.

On weekdays we hang out in the studio and on weekends we usually play gigs.

Some films we watched lately and liked was Up and School Of Rock (of course). The last series we watched and loved was Game Of Thrones and The Walking Dead.

We are very inspired by David Guetta and his bank account. Our dream is to become fat and lazy. Our worst nightmare like banksters, politicians and so on.
We love girls, drinks and music and hate ignorance, racism and the Illuminati. We are addicted to a lot of things, we just cannot stop arguing. We get totally fucked up, when we sleep less than 5 hours.

Local Suicide reminds us of a good fuck in the morning.


Tomorrow we’ll wake up and ask ourselves: why are we doin this? Next month our album will be topping many different charts. Next year we‘ll work on a new album. In 10 years we hope that we’re still sexy as hell.


If we weren’t Tube & Berger, we would be completely broke. If our lives were a Hollywood movie, we’d be Merry and Pippin and Merry and Pippin would have the main role.

If we were a car, we would be an old one. If we were an animal, we would be a frog and a little monkey.
If we were a drug ,we would be weed. If we were an invention, we would be the USB stick.
If we were an object, we would be a nice little stone. If we could date ourselves, we ‘d do it!

If we could play with anyone it would be nice chicks. We would like to collaborate with Elvis and / or Jacko.

If we had only one wish, it would be PEACE in the universe. We would never support a war, because war deffo SUCKS.


Our word of advice to the reader would be to Kill your TV!

New Video: Tube & Berger – Escape From Berlin

Their depute album “Introlution“:

Stream: Tube & Berger – All Releases

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