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Hamburg based Dj and producer Oliver Huntemann has been a key figure in the techno scene since 2008 and has been running the renowned Senso Sounds label since 2014. Each release on the label is highly aesthetic, both in sound and design with special artwork you can recognise right away. His long awaited fifth up to this date album Propaganda – since Paranoia that was released 2011 – is out now on his own imprint. Catch him in Germany on one of the following dates:

Dec 9 Senso Sounds Showcase Kesselhaus, Augsburg, Germany
Dec 30: Oliver Huntemann – Propaganda World Tour, Club Paula, Dresden
Dec 31: NYE Ritter Butzke, Ritter Butzke, Berlin, Germany
Jan 11: Watergate, Berlin, Germany

And find out more about him below:

My name is Oliver Huntemann but you might know me as s.a. I was born in Hanover, and grew up in Oldenburg.
When I was a child my idol was my dad, because he knew everything. When I was 14, I started breakdancing. It was then when I realised that electronic music is mine and decided to buy a mixer and two turntables. Since then I was addicted. One of my best gigs I played was on a truck at Love Parade 1995.
It was so much fun to drop `DHS – The House Of God´under a bridge while the truck stopped and to see how the crowd went nuts.
One of the best gigs I have been to was Laurent Garnier in Hannover in 1993. I loved how he combined different styles without losing the guiding thread.


Now I live in Hamburg with my wife and our baby. In my house you can find calmness and my refrigerator is usually full with too much unhealthy stuff. I enjoy to spend time with my family and friends a lot. I can spend hours doing nothing. One of my favorite places to visit is the beach at Elbe river in Hamburg (yes, we really have a nice one and you can also take a swim in), because it’s pretty and the vibe is very relaxed. I also like watching the big ships going in and out very much.

On weekdays I take care of the administration of my label Senso Sounds, my Kontrast Artists agency and studio and on weekends I usually spend most time in planes and on airports to reach the destinations to play my shows.

My favorite song at the moment is ‘Freakshow’ by Ghoestpoet. A film I watched lately and liked was again and again the originals of The Godfather. The last series I watched and loved was Stranger Things 2. I am very inspired by the rough North Sea and Northern Lights. My dream is to see even more places I saw already. My worst nightmare is scaryI love to be a DJ and hate paperworks. I am addicted to chocolate, I just cannot stop as soon as I started. I get totally fucked up, when I had too much vodka. The next day I need to sleep but I can’t.

Local Suicide reminds me of my mom, asking me questions like crazy when I was a kid ;)



Tomorrow I have to get up too early. Next month the new year begins and that means full on again. Next year is filled with many new projects and even more gigs. In 10 years I hope I’ll be still healthy and into underground dance music.


If I wasn’t a guy, I would be a girl.If my life was a Hollywood movie, John Malkovich would have the main role, because he seems crazy enough. If I could have sex with anyone, it would be an experience.

If I was a car, I would be a Porsche 911 from 1968. If I was an animal, I would be a monkey. If I was a drug I would be too dangerous. If I was an invention, I would be something special. If I was an object, I would be a U.F.O. If I could date myself, I’d run away.
If I could play with anyone it would be my baby boy.

I would like to collaborate with Ghostpoet. If I had only one wish, it would be a deliberate one. 
I would never say never, because you never know.



My word of advice to the reader would be to follow your heart not the hype.


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