LSD Presents: Ash Roy

We recently discovered Ashvin Mani Sharma when he released his debut album. Now it’s time for Ash Roy, his friends and partner to come to the fore for us to discover his drummy flavoured techno.

Born in Calcutta, India, Ash Roy started djing at the age of 20. At that time, records were not available in India so he had to mix with…cassettes! He managed to become a resident DJ in Calcutta where he realized he had found his thing. He then moved to Dubai where he became a resident DJ at the Diamond Club. There he got the chance to open for big names. A couple of years passed and Roy was back in Calcutta, working in a radio station. During a training in Delhi, he met an old friend – Arjun Vagale – who convinced him to take it to another level and move to Delhi. Roy followed his advice and they began to make music together, along with Sharma and 2 other friends. Jalebee Cartel was born.

 Ash Roy has been learning the tabla – an classical indian percussion – since he was 7 and one day he decided to bring his percussions along to one of his gig in Calcutta. He started jamming as he was spinning records. Years later, when he was already a member of Jalebee Cartel, he reiterated the operation: he started jamming and the response from the audience was fantastic. And that’s how it all started. Since then, these jamming session have become part of his sound. His percussion set up has got a lot bigger along with the years: he now owns cymbals, djembe, darbuka, korg wab drums and – last but not least – a handsonic. This is what he carries most of the time, especially when he tours Europe. And that’s what you had the chance to hear at Fusion 2012, as he spontaneously started jamming with a saxophonist to accompany his friends from Falling Cows.

But beware! As talented as Roy may be as a percussionist, his core passion is still djing and producing music! The past decade has been really fructuous, with around 200 releases, with Jalebee Cartel or on a more solo slope, and gigs all around the world.

Don’t miss out his next night in Berlin (Tresor, on the 28th of july) if you want to make your own opinion about his indian beat. And stay tuned… Mr. Roy might be concocting something !

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Listen to his latest mix:

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