LSD presents: Blood Orange (aka Lightspeed Champion)

It doesn’t happen very often that I get to listen to an album many times in a row for weeks. It happens even less that I post more than once about an artist. Devonté Haynes’ project Blood Orange is one of those times. While he was writing / producing Solange Knowles‘ and Theopilus London’ recent albums, he was also working on some songs at home. The first few got released on an album under the name Lightspeed Champion, some other material (find download link below) got leaked in the form of a mixtape on his blog and soon he is releasing his new album ‘Coastal Grooves‘ (out via Domino, on 26. August) which features my favorite songs of his.

Check out some other great stuff from him that I found here…

New Video: Blood Orange – Sutphin Boulevard:

Video: Blood Orange – I’m Sorry We Lied (DEMO 2):

Video: Janet Jackson – He Doesn’t Know I’m Alive (Lightspeed Champion Cover):

Free Mixtape: Blood Orange Home Recordings

Stereogum‘s Favorites out of the mixtape:

Free Mp3: Blood Orange – Telling (Whats Wrong With Me) (via Stereogum)
Free Mp3: Blood Orange – Drop Dead (via Stereogum)

Free Mp3: Blood Orange – Casper Valleys (via Stereogum)

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