LSD presents: Deltron 3030 @ Yaam Club (Berlin)

Around fourteen years ago a by then fairly unknown spaceship sent some signals out to the universe, which were caught here on planet Earth. The transmitter, hoping to make contact: Deltron Zero. The signals were located and Deltron Zero, who came from a dystopian future in the year 3030, reigned by evil oligarchs suppressing both human rights and hip-hop, was able to communicate his message and warn the blue planet of not taking it too far, otherwise its’ future would be grim – very grim. Typical humans however, Deltron Zero was ambushed by his enemies and had his memory wiped, plunging the world back into darkness. The signal was lost…

But sensationally, last year the same signal was detected again and the spaceship was travelling around the earth, landing here and there, to give humanity a second chance. And on November 24, a landing in Berlin is expected, more precisely at the Yaam Club. And Deltron Zero will not come alone, as you can expect: but not only beat wizard Dan The Automator and turntable prodigy Kid Koala will bring out their message to us. Deltron 3030, the interstellar trio, will be backed by a eighteen piece symphonic orchestra, making their musical message even more adventurous!

If you want to be part of this event, it’s your lucky day: we’re giving away 1×2 tickets for this exclusice event which – with the orchestra backing Deltron 3030 – will take place in Germany only. Write an e-mail to until monday and tell us the (real) rapper alias of Deltron Zero, with which he got fame all over the universe – good luck.

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