LSD presents: Geisterbahn Halloween Fest @ Fiesere Miese (Berlin)

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We can’t wait to play our first Halloween Party since we founded Local Suicide almost 5 years ago! The Geisterbahn Halloween Fest is gonna take place at Fiesere Miese, starting around 11:45pm. Also on board: Josephine Wedekind(Schiffbruch), Local Suicide (Bordello A Parigi, Your Mom’s), Dilby (Mother Recordings, Bondage Music), Adi Shabat (Biologic Rec / Motek), Fanfarrosa (Lebensfreude, Frucht), Katjang Pedis (Dr. Seltsam), Marion Cobretti (Threesome), La Triq (Tel-Aviv).

♫ the wild journey begins ♫
♫ through the queer, cheerful and groovy ♫
♫ to the dark dreadful and disturbing ♫
♫ from the grotesque to the scary ♫
♫ become the fairy or the angel ♫
♫ become the demon or the ghost ♫
♫ back then Scary ♫
♫ probably just Silly ♫
♫ always Fun ♫


Full Lineup:

Josephine Wedekind(Schiffbruch)
Local Suicide (Bordello A Parigi, Your Mom’s)
Dilby (Mother Recordings, Bondage Music)
Adi Shabat (Biologic Rec / Motek)
Fanfarrosa (Lebensfreude, Frucht)
Katjang Pedis (Dr. Seltsam)
Marion Cobretti (Threesome)
La Triq (Tel-Aviv)

Graue Sommer by Doron La Triq on Mixcloud

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