Interview & GL Giveaway: GusGus at Cuscus

Ecologically consicous party crew Cuscus have been a staple of the scene since 2006, providing clubbers with all manners of House. The Cuscus is also an endangered marsupial from Papua New Guinea which looks like an ever so slightly sneakier version of the tree clutching beast pictured on the flyer, and for every ticket sold at the door, 1 euro is donated to a project which contributes to the rescue of endangered species. This sustainable long-term bad ass move has already helped raise plenty of money for a good cause and has been saluted by none other than Unesco.

Headlining the party this Friday at Kosmonaut are Dance Mania family member Tyree Cooper as well as President Bongo from the enduring Icelandic collective GusGus. Local Suicide are last minute also on board taking care of the disco floor. We sat down for a couple of minutes with President Bongo to talk about what GusGus have been up to as well as the video for their new single Mexico.

Hi, so this weekend it’s Gusgus at Cuscus, are you guys related?

In reality cuscus is a misspelling of couscous and so is gusgus. So it’s both releated to mis-understanding or mishearing. But being related, I am not sure about that. Maybe. Maybe not. We’ll see after Friday night.

How do you approach DJing as opposed to playing live? Do you play things that you couldn’t play as a live band or is it more of a direct continuation of your studio work?

DJing and playing live is at the moment two completely different universes. Gusgus is touring the world right now and I am not because I am DJing amongst other things. For me DJing is a mixture of my favorite tracks, old and new mixed up with current studio work.

You released your 9th album this year and the video for the eponymous single Mexico came out last month. The visuals are pretty crazy, can you tell us about the idea behind the video?

The video to Mexico is entirely done by Karlsson & Wilker, our advertising agency for this album. They are based in New York and the visuals for that video are born out of their imagination and techworld.

You played in Mexico this year, was the name of album just an elaborate plan to be invited to play there?

Yes of course.

You’ve been an important part of the Icelandic music scene for almost 20 years now, how do you feel things have evolved over the years?

I don’t really follow things or think about how they evolve. I do my things and I evolve in one way or another… I mean you get older, you get interested in other things and mix them up with what you are as a foundation.

What’s on the cards for the band for the end of the year?

Well Gusgus are touring until next summer. Myself, I am DJing a lot all around, making a President Bongo solo album, doing more Gluteus Maximus stuff and making demos of all sorts to have in the drawer for whatever projects come in, Gusgus or something else. I have a sailor clothing label coming up as well and two photography books and an exhibition and then my Radio Bongo label. Not to mention my love for mountains and sailing… I guess this covers the next 2 years!

All information about the next Cuscus night can be found on the event page.

We have 2×2 tickets to give away for the event, to get involved drop us a comment.

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