LSD presents: Hip Hop Bingo Card

bingo card

Local Suicide puts on awesome shows, and now you’re able to play some awesome games using these wonderful bingo cards! With some of the most known artists out there, killer beats and awesome album covers turned into a game card – you can have your own set to keep at home! Be able to find your favourite artists within the squares, make sure to get the right pictures and get a bingo before anyone else! Bring the fun and games together when you invite some friends over and talk about your favourite artists with a little help from this bingo card. Make sure someone is able to call out the bands for you!

Even if you missed out on some of their performances, you can now bring them to parties, get togethers, jam sessions and more! Play bingo with everyone and make sure you do it with a fun card like the one below! Check out some of the cool pictures, their names and how to make a strategy for winning this awesome game of the hottest hip hop artists bingo!

Thanks to Bingo Sweets for designing and contributing this amazing Hip Hip bingo card.


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