LSD Presents: Nina Kraviz

Nina Kraviz
, the beautiful Siberian, would be the perfect woman: a talented DJ ( resident of the legendary Propaganda in Moscow),  sexy producer with a vampiristic beauty .
Her popularity during the last two years made her one of my favorite woman producers.

It is a simple but infectious sound inspired by deep house and techno, which made ​​her famous.
Far from taking the easy way, I have seen her during her performance at Colette Shop and at the Rex Club in Paris, where she was amazing not letting her physical appearance outweigh her talent.

She added in her DJ sets her hoarse voice and moved it to the next level by creating a live she presented for the first time at Rex Club on February 24.
As a DJ, Nina Kraviz mixes massive House and her knowledge of the subject sharp and profound creates a true symbiosis with her audience .

Radioslave and its label Rekids celebrate their tenth long player, with the album out of Nina on February 27, that has evolved since: Pain in the ass and First time.
There is a great maturity in her understanding of music and her self-titled album is the proof; the production is framed and its texture bits are deep, thin and powerful and ​​her voice becomes the value added to it.
The album is preceded by the release of “Ghetto Kraviz” E.P  in November. It is a fusion of bass lines, keys with her icy and creepy voice in addition to something both fresh and startling, like the album.

Apart from that, Kraviz swaps lustrous deep house tracks (“Aus”, “Taxi Talk”, “Choices”) with more refined ambient interludes (“Walking in the Night”, “4 Ben”, “The Needle”).

You can watch the official video for “Ghetto Kraviz” here:

“Ghetto Kraviz” by Nina Kraviz is taken from her self-titled album: Nina Kraviz released on Matt ‘Radio Slave’ Edwards label Rekids. Directed by David Terranova  – Filmed at Arena Club Berlin.
More info here!

Buy the album here:

Here is a special gift for you, release on Feb 24, 2012: 56 minutes mixed by Nina Kraviz – Transitions (2012-02-24) Part 2 to listen and download for free on EverybodywantstobetheDJ:

Stay tuned for the interview ;-)
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