Interview: Patrick Mohr @Berlin Fashion Week


Patrick Mohrs designs are geometric, unisex and cut to the point. No surprise that his pop-up store on Münzstraße 20 was packed with Berlin folks during the opening in August 12. This was the call for a change of scenery: after having established his own temporary mono-brand shop in Mitte, Munich based Mohr decided to move to Berlin. Let us see what the ‘enfant terrible’ is coming up with at this January’s Berlin Fashion Week!
Interview by Malte Pieper & Nadia says.

Your designing is explicitly androgynous, how do you view the human body and how does this influence your work?
PM: For me there is no difference between man and woman. We are all the same. In the past collections I wanted to show my talent and that as a fashion designer I can do more than just be provocative.

How do you choose and style your personal look, do you feel close to your designs?
My style and my designs are one.

How do you manage to keep a balance between fashion as art and the commercial aspects of the business?
That’s a good question. I think this is something a fashion designer needs to do. One way is art and the other way is commercial. You have to combine both into a unity, and at the end of the day you have to earn money.

In the past you collaborated with other creatives – for example DJ Hell – what’s your perspective on the ties between fashion and other creative branches; do you have future plans to cross borders again?
I do this kind of coops only from my heart. And DJ Hell is in my heart. And of course there is something big at this Berlin fashion week… you will see it on the 16th of January (more details on this public event here).

You are moving to Berlin, will it influence your future projects? 

Berlin isn’t like Paris or New York, but from season to season it’s getting better and there is more fashion in the city; it’s getting more serious. Actually, even for my projects, it’s going to be big and big and big!

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