LSD presents: Ramin Ton Labelnight @ NBI (Berlin)

RAMIN TON is a Berlin-based underground label and group of six artists: Allie, Cyan kid, Shiriaki van Calypso, Ra Saite, Pjtr Kaufmann and Peppi Flash. Since 2008 they all have played solo, had several bands with each other and lived in harmony just like Jesus used to do with the dinosaurs!

On the way there’ve been 37 releases by different combinations of the six as well as collaborations with external artists like canadian Terro…r Bird (Vancouver) and norwegian Baby Omar so far.
On June 4th, Ramin Ton will celebrate itself and all the beauty in the last 3 years with a grand party at NBI Club and tons of live music.



lives in Berlin and likes to play quietly. He uses acoustic guitar, voice and samples to do that, and believes in the power of home recording. His first full length Mimi King was released in April 2010 and he’s played solo shows across Germany and New York since then.

Enthusiam, beats and pathetic feelings with music which brightens and shines.

RONNY (Pjtr Kaufmann & Ra Saite)
is a classical pommer duo from Duetzen East West Phalia. They play the most ordinary music you can think of. Enjoy

EASTER (Cyan Kid & Baby Omar)
aka Easterjesus Productions aka Max Boss aka Stine Midtsæter aka Cyan Kid aka No Lol Omar aka aka in between your mamas velvet legs. A couple of kids met back in ’92 on a summer camp for Jews in mid-Europe. Sexual experimentation turned into music. Stine likes to say music that knows no genre and no gender but she don’t know shit. What the band known as EASTER knows is heart and beat.

o F F (1/2 of French duo oFF/GR†LLGR†LL and Gay Mormon Kissing Club) sees his music as “slow R&B” with strong influences by mainstream pop like Rihanna and Backstreet Boys. While his own pitch-shifted vocals echo with the ghosts of half-forgotten R&B ballads, he often adds an eerie undertone to his love songs that he always performs masked. In this way he toured across Europe, shared stages with friends (including Kría Brekkan) and now joins our party as a special guest!

Free Mp3: EASTER – 310 G

Free Mp3: Citizen Golf – Zeelax (Ra Saite’s Lucky Mix)

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