LSD Presents: Stewart Walker @ Roter Salon(Berlin)

stewart walker ivory
Returning from a 6 year break, U.S born Berliner Stewart Walker brings us “Ivory Tower Broadcast”, his 6th L.P in his long and well defined career. Harnessing a solid reputation in the underworld as a true progressive, this coming release is only bound to strengthen that reputation as younger generations discover his music.

For an album that is bound to get lumped in with electronica at large, Walker has a very niche approach working predominantly with live recordings which are quantised to the familiar precise rhythms we all love. From the nostalgic ambience of “Something I Can’t Remember” and “Candycoated” that will seep into your soul with their rich instrumentation and reverse delays, to the dingy speculative drones and gritty percussion of “Exits Have Been Chained” and “Passing Through”, there is a wide timbre that will touch you from various angles. Walker has created an experimental album that unlike many never alienates you, bound by the dynamic tension and focus on transcendence that techno has but without the conforming to all the rules, it truly is one to set aside for front to back listening.

“Ivory Tower Broadcast” is the second release on Mundo recordings, a new label, sublabel of Two Gentlemen, based in Lausanne, Switzerland with forthcoming releases from Erik Truffaz and Murcof!

Stewart is performing “Ivory Tower Broadcast” live this Saturday at Roter Salon, Volksbühne. We are giving away 2×2 Guest List spots! All you have to do is write a comment why you would like to attend the show underneath the post.

Get your tickets here!

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