Have you ever been torn between the prospect of munching down a half-gram of MDMA or staring at a candle for the best part of an hour? Or between triple dropping Australian imported tabs and enjoying the intense intimacy of a loved one’s kiss for an afternoon? Look no further as Berlin based artists Boris Eldagsen & Sabine Taeubner have a couple of suggestions coming your way.
SUPERHIGH is an Arte Creative sponsored project that brings into confrontation the usual illegal highs crew (cocaine, LSD, speed, and more) and a rather unusual bunch of legal ways of hacking into ones brain (candle staring, 12 cycle meth breath, Kin Hen meditation, etc).

Shot in the style of a mockumentary reality show, SUPERHIGH intends on comparing the merits of various unorthodox ways of getting messy whilst a running commentary is being provided by personified versions of classic club-land drugs. As the candidates make their way through the rounds, an increasing number of highs get thrown in the mix and result in the advent of the almighty “superhigh”. For that extra bit of interactivity, SUPERHIGH is brought online with dedicated pinterest and facebook pages that allow users to share hindsights about the most noteworthy ways of wasting days away. 

SUPERHIGH will premiere on November 20th at 9pm in partnership with Platoon Kunsthalle and Your Mom’s Agency. The film will be followed by a DJ set by Yasmin Gate (Killerrr) from 10pm onwards. In the meantime, enjoy the trailer!

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