LSD Presents: We Are T.O.F.U. With Zombies In Miami, Rodion, Local Suicide & Sean Patrick @Beate Uwe (Berlin)



The third edition of our event series T.O.F.U. (Too Old For Understatement) at Beate Uwe is coming up on August 15, 2015.  For this one we invited the lovely Mexican duo Zombies in Miami who are getting supported by all biggies in the scene for their releases on tastemaker labels such as Kompakt, Correspondant or Cómeme and their dark techno live sets all over the world.

Our second headliner is Rome‘s synth-god Rodion who himself is pumping out quality releases on Gomma, Eskimo, Les Discques De La Mort, Bearfunk and his own label Roccodisco in the last decade with an album coming up on NEIN Records and an EP with long time collaborator Fabrizio Mammarella.

Also on board are Local Suicide (Bordello A Parigi/T.O.F.U.) and Sean Patrick (T.O.F.U.), the founders of the T.O.F.U. movement who have many years of experience under their belt as DJs, producers, promoters and dance enthusiasts. What brought them together as partners was their shared experience in back-office careers inside the music business.

Together we believe that we can combat the overstimulated, overfed crowds in Berlin that hardly ever show true enthusiasm anymore and create something simple, fun and unpretentious. We want to do away with club nights where people quote each other labels, names and release dates but forget what it is really about: Communication, dancing and fun.

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Zombies in Miami
(Correspondant, Kompakt / Mexico)
Rodion (Gomma, Bearfunk / Italy)
Local Suicide (Bordello A Parigi / T.O.F.U.)
Sean Patrick (T.O.F.U.)

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