LSD Soundtrack To Your Night In – VOL.6 [UNKLE FUNKLE]


This month I’m delighted to give you a pop-heavy edition of Soundtrack To Your Night In courtesy of the funkiest of unkles, California’s very own Unkle Funkle.

LA-based multi-instrumentalist, classically trained composer and all-round sweetheart, Unkle Funkle is a dabbler in ‘pop’ himself, composing original and quite frankly outrageous tracks such as the illustrious Magic Woman and is partial to covering a track or two here and there. Funkle can also be found playing guitar in White Fang and The Memories all whilst holding down the fort at music label perfect for all-things-weird-and-wonderful, Gnar Tapes.

Unkle Funkle has selected five tracks from the likes of Julio IglesiasDemi Roussos and Celine Dion (no pop edition is complete without the wailings of Celine after all).

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Post image: Blue Indigo Studio

Featured image: Carlos JL