LSD Video Exclusive: Carmel Zoum – In The Club

Tainted Lenses Photography
Tainted Lenses Photography

We are very happy to be presenting the premiere of the new Killerrr Rec release. Killerrr is one of Berlin’s uprising electronic music labels ran by fantastic Yasmin Gate and power twins Dualesque. This time it comes from Carmel Zoum.

Carmel was born in Moscow by Congolese parents, grew up in France and moved 15 years ago to Germany. Because of her Congolese roots, the first music genre that she was amazed by was Soukous, that originated from Cuban Rumba music and Congo. In 2000 she moved to South Germany and has been working ever since with different dancehall reggae bands and drum´n´bass and house djs.

In the Club” produced by super talented Dualesque is following the release of her debut album “Skwamat” and is a crazy mixture between trap, electro and dancehall that for sure will make you wanna move.

In the video we can see beautiful Carmel Zoum singing and dancing underneath the Ubahn in Kreuzberg with her homies or by herself. The lyrics are inspired by Carmel’s life and experiences in Germany as a black woman and the frustrating immigration laws.

“While I was writing the lyrics, I tried to put myself in the refugee´s shoes in order to describe the process of making the decision to leave my home country to arriving in the disappointing life situation in Berlin.” says Carmel Zoum and goes on: “In the song, Europe is compared to a club where I´m not allowed to get in; the Frontex agency are the bouncers, who shut down the borders.”

In The Club is out today. Grab your digital copy here!

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