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generation bassGeneration Bass is a blog/label/institution, which focuses predominantly on introducing dance flavours from all over the globe. Find out more about them below and follow them on soundcloud!

LSD: Could you please introduce yourselves to our readers and explain a bit the concept behind Generation Bass?

GB: Hi, I’m a blogger from GB.
The idea behind Gen Bass is just to blog really dope music that we dig and we literally do dig for it (not so much nowadays though). We don’t usually like people (unless they’re our friends) sending us releases for review etc, especially PR Companies, as we just like to find sounds we’re into ourselves.
I’d say even though we have now existed for 5 years, we’re really not that visible on the wider music platforms but we’re hugely influential, even though you might not know about it. I guess you could say we’re a lot of peoples “dirty little hidden secret” and often they don’t like to share us, they like to keep us to themselves. Things that we blog usually permeate down to the masses, from the high altar we occupy, a year or so down the line, sometimes much later, sometimes sooner.

LSD: How did you come up with the idea? Was it planned to be a blog and label from the start?

GB: It started as a blog and it began to become successful. A lot of the artists we were blogging were getting picked up by all the right labels. So we thought, let’s start our own label, we’ll release them ourselves. The label developed a couple of years after the blog and it’s designed to introduce new sounds and new artists. We don’t usually like releasing material by artists who have previously released with similar labels, what’s the point! Occasionally, however, we do make exceptions if we’re really fond of the artist.

We’re usually seen as a stepping stone to bigger or better things. So, if an artist starts with a release on Generation Bass, there’s no doubt that the right people will be watching him/her and if they keep great music coming, sooner or later they get picked up by more famous labels. They certainly get more limelight following a release on our label but we’re not at that stage “yet” where we ourselves can make them big. That’ll come one day tho’.

LSD: It is two of you running GB. How does that work? What are your roles? Do you always agree?

GB: 2 of us are behind the blog as co-owners. How do we work, well we do pretty much what we want and we never have any conflict as we understand one another and there’s no ego. We don’t have clearly defined roles either, indeed one of us has been absent for about 3 years flitting in and out but it’s all cool, we’re still one. If I decide to quit, he’ll have it all, I don’t really care about things like that.

But nowadays the blog functions with a whole team of enthusiasts who are into the sounds that we’re into and they’re from all over the world and they do a great job for us. They’re all genuine, straight-forward people who do what they can, when they can and we really appreciate all their help.
We’re not a very professional or time-tabled organization with 2 year plans etc etc but pretty chilled and laid-back and we just go with the flow. After, all this is suppose to be a pleasurable experience for us, something we do to chill out as opposed to thinking of it as a business. We have day jobs for that.

LSD: Your label is all about music from all over the globe. What are the latest tendencies and your favourite genre(s) at the moment?

GB: One of us into really dark Techno atm and the other is having his Arabic renaissance. I still feel Arabic music has so much unexplored potential and it’s great to see that a handful of people are starting to make great electronic Arabic music again. There’s still a lot of things that are not done right though and there’s always a bunch of opportunists.

FutureTarraxo is something that we believe is going to start making a big impression too and also Techno with an Industrial edge coated with ethnic flavourings and riddims is going to start to emerge as something new and interesting.

LSD: What are your future plans?

GB: Hopefully I’ll wake up tomorrow and blog some more.


Have a listen to some of their latest highly addictive releases:

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