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Mireia Records returned recently with their tenth release in the form of the ZEHN EP, which is home to a pair of tracks from Amsterdam’s Pin Up Club and Berlin’s Conga Fever, also containing some top notch remixes from Lauer, Uncanny Valley’s Jacob Korn and label heads RSS Disco. For this huge tenth release, here’s a look back at ten favourites from their catalogue.

Pin Up Club – Delapidated (Zehn EP) 2018

The dynamic producer duo known as Pin Up Club contributed this thumper for Mireia’s newest release (ZEHN). With their dark disco influences ever present, the track pushes an intriguing array of paddy, orchestral chord sequences, paired with a constantly evolving set of the most satisfying retro synths and plodgy basses. The guys also had a lot of fun with the percussion here which is all soaked in an industrial verb, and there is no end to the embellishments including one very tropical guitar. A dramatic track, with a satisfying drop.

Johannes Klingebiel – Forever Yours (Nightlife EP) 2017

This 2017 release on Mirea comes courtesy of the Frankfurt born and jazz-drum trained Johannes Klingebiel. The eclectic producer has made something lovely in Forever Yours, a techno house track with an uplifting aura and chugging optimism, most likely down to the seamlessly included ethereal flutes, and choir glitching away on top of the whole affair.

Conga Fever – Chihuahua (Zehn EP) 2018

The other track from ZEHN is also a notable banger. It’s moody and Balearic yet decidedly fun and danceable with a new surprise around every corner. From Arab strings to funky organs, and a mashing solo, which was taken and buried deep into a phaser set to 11. A straight up call to the dancefloor.

Cornchild – Throw That Key (We’ll Sea Pt.3) 2018

Side A of Mireia’s mid 2018 release features three tracks from Cornchild, whom the label introduces as “a new nom de guerre by an established maestro of the low notes.” The Middle track from this neon yellow vinyl ‘Throw That Key’ is a short three minute groove, with nostalgic vocal samples, and a grungy bassline; the perfect sunny day track.

Johannes Klingebiel – Scars (Nightlife EP) 2017

Another great track from the studied jazz drummer Johannes Klingebiel, and again from his Mireia debut Nightlife, ‘Scars’ is a melancholic outer-space escapade. Whining synths squeezing past a big evolving arpeggiator, riding on a rocket of irresistibly dancy percussive beats. A soundtrack for sweaty raving.

LeRoy – Like One (We’ll Sea Pt.3) 2018

Featured on the We’ll Sea Pt.3 B-side, Munich producer LeRoy is known for his loose style between Kraut, sampling and psychedelics. He paves the road with a lower than low bassline, which boisterously interrupts the jazzy shuffling intro. The shuffle continues throughout, amongst a plethora of instrumentation which is the epitome of a trip through nature.

Conga Fever – Arabian Guy [Vocal Mix] (Conga Fever EP) 2016

In the early wintery weeks of 2016, Mireia presented the first electronic release ever from the total modular geek, Conga Fever. This Vocal Mix for Arabian guy boldly struts around the front room of disco house whilst reminiscing of the 80’s with aural synths and, a lovely snare and sexy melodies.

The Building – Reginac (Reginac EP) 2013

One of the earliest releases from Mireia, Reginac is an entirely different sound to what you get from 2018 Mireia, with the mysterious band The Building. Exploring the dark side of pop with gritty, bit up and crushed down guitar screeches that bounce left to right, it’s easy to get dis-orientated. However the southern rock beat is, if ill mixed, always there to drive this tune into a danceable banger. Somewhere between My Morning Jacket and Ima Robot.

Das Komplex – Las (We’ll Sea Pt.1)

Alongside Manuel Binder, Julian Stetter, RSS Disco and Conga Fever; part one of the three parter ‘We’ll Sea’ features Polish producer Das Komplex. Releasing music for the past four years not too much is known about Das, but i can confirm he has recently put together a funky as hell mix. The marvellously Lo-Fi ‘Las’ has some of the nicest sounding percussion, with a huge gated reverb snare and hats reminiscent of Talking Heads. Saying that though i don’t think there’s an unpleasing sound in the track.

RSS Disco – Lovebird (Lovebird EP) 2011

Fresh from a summer of massive live events including Fusion festival, their touring schedule is non-stop all the way until the idyllic Monticule festival next June (2019). Creating music that they’ve described as “-8% house, synth-core, discovibes & popappeal”, RSS disco run the show at Mireia somehow finding the time to release a consistently hot stream of music for our enjoyment as well as creating their own. This highly purposeful track is from the first release officially as Mireia, and has been truly setting the bar since 2011. Give it a listen.
(The EP ‘Lovebird’ also features two stonking remixed from Rough Achim Maerz and Christopher Rau)

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